white bread

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bread made with finely ground and usually bleached wheat flour

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On my table appeareth white bread every Sunday in the year," added the master smith, with solemnity.
Here he had been blowing and bragging about his grand meat-feast twice a year, and his fresh meat twice a month, and his salt meat twice a week, and his white bread every Sunday the year round -- all for a family of three; the entire cost for the year not above 69.
If you couldn't get it anywhere else, you could get it in the workhuss, a nice 'ot bowl of soup called skilly, and bread better'n any one knows 'ow to make now, reg'lar WHITE bread, gov'ment bread.
Two candles are placed on a table, white bread and baked pasties are displayed by the light, besides choice of venison, both salt and fresh, from which they select collops.
And one woman, nursing a child at her breast, called to Dakon: "Say, Fatty, I'll give you a meal for your skate--ham and potatoes, currant jelly, white bread, canned butter, and two cups of coffee.
But, as they said in their idiom, they had eaten their white bread first.
Angela, Peckham, South East London Hi Angela My husband Mark has the same intolerance to wheat and the same lust for good old-fashioned white bread.
Julie, who told us the things she missed most during her six weeks away were thick white bread and the ECHO, paid tribute to the "strength, stamina, guts and determination" of her fellow survivors, adding: "These women have got balls - big balls at that
April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nature's Harvest bread is making it a whole lot easier for families to get whole grains into their diet by making its great-tasting varieties such as Honey Wheat and Butter Top Made with Whole Grain White Bread nationally available.
As a start, I have found the morning hospital porridge to be satisfactory and adequate for breakfast but may be supplemented by "shredless" marmalade in a sandwich of white bread and butter.
They have brought Americans back to real bread, leading us from a desert of supermarket white bread into the promised land of whole-wheat sourdough and rustic boules.
CSM is extending its range of bread mixes with the launch of its Arkady Reduced Carb White Bread Mix.
Spread wheat bread with cream cheese spread; top with turkey, tomatoes and white bread.
British Cheese Board that worked alongside the chemists, said that after 'careful consideration of optimum grilling conditions' and the width and breadth of the cheese and bread, they came up with the following recipe: 150g of hard cheese on white bread that is grilled for four minutes at 115C, 18cm from the grill, the Independent reported.
Medium sliced white bread (800g), 80p Medium sliced white bread (800g), 89p Medium white loaf (800g), 79p Sunflower spread (500g), PS1 Buttersoft spread (500g), PS2.