white backlash

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backlash by white racists against black civil rights advances


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It is also about how clearly King analyzed the incomplete and unfinished nature of the nation's progress against racial and class injustice, around which all forward developments pretty much ceased in the 1970s, thanks to a white backlash that was already well underway in the early and mid-1960s (before the rise of the Black Panthers) and to a top-down corporate war on working class Americans that started under Jimmy Carter and went ballistic under Ronald Reagan.
To interpret this period of white backlash, disproportionate scrutiny, and the campaigns black elected officials waged to defend themselves, Musgrove offers "harassment ideology" as an analytical framework that engages both legitimate claims of harassment and manipulations on the part of some black leaders to mask their misdeeds and corruption.
Although the white backlash is most identified with the decade of the 1970s, most historians agree that it emerged politically in the mid-1960s, and there is evidence that white-backlash attitudes--on race, gender, housing, and school integration, for example--were present throughout the postwar era.
Instead - occurring as it did against the backdrop of the earlier riots in Watts, Newark and Detroit - the Smith and Carlos protest helped fuel a white backlash the effects of which still reverberate today.
Roger Hewitt, White Backlash and the Politics of Multiculturalism.
His narrative contradicts narratives that blame Black Power for the derailing of the Civil Rights movement and the beginnings of the white backlash that defines much of American politics today.
This decision, dubbed Brown I, was followed by Brown II in 1955, which, with its nebulously worded "with all deliberate speed," created a massive white backlash.
1) The strategy of harnessing a white backlash against federal interventionism for civil rights--a strategy that finds its contemporary targets in judicial interventions on abortion and school prayer--has proven wildly successful in the new South.
Second, they find proof in the electoral pudding: the COP captured the core of the Southern white backlash vote.
Modern Republicans--who often call themselves "The Party of Abraham Lincoln"--resent the idea that their party has benefitted from a white backlash to the civil-rights movement.
Can something be learned from the 1960s about pursuing minority communities' agendas (the action) without creating white backlash (the reaction)?
Goldwater eventually became so paranoid about the influx of racists to his campaign that he worded that a summer riot in Harlem had been secretly instigated by his supporters in hopes of generating a white backlash vote.
However, the prediction failed to anticipate the rising white backlash, which was to burst forth in the 1970s and 1980s to dilute the Dream for the next generation.
DFO officials know the Mi'kmaq fishery will have little impact on stocks, but they are terrified of a white backlash, and desperate to confine Mi'kmaq fishing to the white fishing season.