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an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it

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From the foregoing, some facts are apparent; some money has been recovered with the aid of the whistle-blower policy.
That the whistle-blowers were told of how Senator Estrada's PDAF was allocated is relevant in their testimony on how the bogus NGOs operated as they were all part of the grand scheme,' the court said.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced a reward scheme for whistle-blowers on tax evaders.
Moreover, organisational leaders should refrain from making the whistle-blower the problem or the story, but rather should focus on the concerns they raise.
CREDIBILITY If you are a Garda whistle-blower, the very first thing they try to do is to undermine your credibility.
Where a sporting organisation (or indeed any employer in the GCC) is faced with a whistle-blowing case it will have to, in the absence of legislation, rely on its own internal procedures in respect of the protection to afford to the whistle-blower and the procedures for moving forward with the investigation.
A whistle-blower, Numann said, is a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization.
Ex-DPP Keir Starmer's comments came as the BBC said it had seen an email which whistle-blower Herve Falciani says he sent to HMRC in 2008 offering information about clients at a private bank based in Switzerland.
Normally, an employee must raise their concern internally to be protected as a whistle-blower - this gives an employer the opportunity to identify if there is any substance to the complaint and, if so, try and reduce any related risk by taking remedial action, which may avoid or limit any bad publicity.
A previous allegation made by the whistleblower of exam malpractice in the same department and a further claim by the whistle-blower that they were verbally bullied by a member of school staff after making the allegation were upheld by a committee of school governors a year ago in an outcome letter sent to the whistle blower.
Award paid by the US Internal Revenue Service to UBS whistle-blower Bradley Birkenfcld $104m
In its appeal to Gardner, the newspaper argued that the explicit language of the Oregon "whistle-blower" protection law requires an agency to keep the identify of a whistle-blower secret only "during any investigation" of certain types of employee complaints.
WORCESTER -- UMass Memorial Medical Center has settled fraud charges with the state attorney general in a whistle-blower case alleging it had improperly sent bills for uninsured patients to a homeless shelter so it could tap the state for payments.
gov/whistleblower) whistle-blower program , which Thomas helped author in his former position at the SEC, gives 10 to 30 percent of the proceeds from an enforcement case to a helpful whistle-blower.
Recommended provisions under such policies include ensuring whistle-blower anonymity, encouraging the reporting of unlawful and inappropriate conduct, while providing for effective and independent investigation of complaints, and affording protection against retaliation and ill treatment of the whistle-blower.