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a card game for four players who form two partnerships

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Ruth Berkley, chair of WHIST said, "It is an honour to welcome Baroness Kinnock to share with us the valuable work that WHIST does for women in South Tyneside.
At WHiST, women work at their own pace, building their confidence in a way that they feel comfortable with and they are offered individual support to progress to new groups and courses, to join exercise classes or to volunteer, thereby overcoming their long-standing isolation and health issues.
Available in variety of colours, the Whist Glass lavatory marries performance, durability and works with a variety of faucet styles.
Tickets for the whist drive were only perhaps 1/6d (7'p), whist drive and dance combined was 2/6d (12'p), the combined ticket including supper.
According to local legend the ghost of the "Demented Whist Player" is said to haunt the pub with many visitors noticing a cold sensation in certain parts of the building.
In this way, each round of whist was a separate race with four winners, and the buzz you got from collecting an individual pile (let alone two or more) was addictive.
Vera Rowlands was struck at this spot on her way to a whist drive
Shearings has a four-night whist break in Melrose, in the Scottish Borders, with whist drives every evening.
Rise and Fly: Tall Tales and Mostly True Rules of Bid Whist by Greg Morrison and Yanick Rice Lamb Three Rivers Press, August 2005 $12, ISBN 1-400-05168-1
But it's the costumes by Daniel Orlandi and the art direction of Martin Whist that made me giddy.
Whenever I have a social affair at the house, there is always a contingent of people who say, `Let's play whist,'" says Roland MacFarland, vice president of standards for the Fox Television Network.
As I looked at whist happened there, I could see myself in those who committed the crime (given the circumstances I could have done the same), but I could also see myself in those who risked their lives and reputations to speak out for the truth.
WHIST player Hazel Ruffles beat odds of trillions to one to deal four perfect hands, each containing a full suit of 13 cards.
A game of whist beat all the odds when each player was dealt a complete suit of 13 cards.