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Synonyms for whispery

not irritating, strident, or loud

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It's like being wrapped in a gorgeous warm musical blanket, with a winning melody never far away and Victoria Legrand's whispery vocals ready to sooth away all aches and pains.
With his liquid eyes and whispery voice, he is convincing as a broken man unable to put himself back together.
Gary singing "Sana Maulit Muli" and "How Did You Know" in a way that made them sound like devotional numbers; Martin rendering classic crowdpleasers with more affection than just the usual confidence; Regine whispery in "If You Go Away"; Lani surprisingly taking on Gloc9's "Sirena.
On "Ain't Misbehavin"' Ndegeocello's whispery, sultry vocals float over a funky groove from Moran's Fender Rhodes, while "Ain't Nobody's Business'' is turned into a slow jam.
With edgy lyrics, electronic R&B sounds and a whispery voice, she became the critics' darling of last year, earning Mercury and Grammy nominations for her first album LP1, and a Jimmy Fallon performance that went viral to the tune of three million visits (check it out).
So I sit by Vickie and sing to her in a whispery voice, "Good morning, sunshine, the earth says hello .
The single-action trigger pull on my test sample was a whispery 3 pounds, while the double-action pull was very slick and short--barely 10 pounds.
First, please understand it was not as has been suggested, a recreational immersion or a bout of religious role-playing (though either alternative would have much better suited his father who fell dead on the line for almost a full minute before responding in weary resignation "now they will never ever let you go") but rather due to the intervention of his kind neighbor who felt they should all be dipped in purifying water, not for zeal for their souls, but in Unitarian good faith, a benign advocacy on behalf of their daughter who could not choose for herself & because his wife may have already been secretly baptized by her grandmother, an early memory of which she might or might not possess in a whispery outline given form by her own mother's many paranoid suspicions.
The flowing synth tracks, precise, minimalistic beats, and whispery vocals still perfectly capture the way aikido movement makes me feel.
of their surfaces, each petal a fishhook for reaping a whispery eye.
Melodie Agile distributes a fine and powerful spray with gentle actuation and a whispery sound, while Melodie Forever adds a more sensual fragrance experience by providing a long, uniform spray of fine particles for coverage with a fine, weightless feel.
This eclectic assortment of sound topped by Stewart's whispery singing style and deeply personal lyrics combine to create a visceral and emotionally voyeuristic experience for the listener.
They unearthed a few of their earlier recordings -- including one song from the new album, the whispery Travelin' On that Burton had caught on his phone because the other equipment wasn't set up -- and they started thinking about new ones.
Rapid Fire" is a whispery spoken-word piece set to a driving beat with just a touch of the psychedelic about it; "Crazy And Wild" is a stellar duet with Chris Connolly that calls to mind Sade and Leonard Cohen in equal measure; and "Weather" is an oddly pleasant, discordant marriage of R&B and country that opens the album, hinting at the musical surprises that await adventurous listeners.
During a campaign fundraising speech, he leaned into the microphone, gently slid his State of the Union baritone up to a whispery falsetto, and nailed the opening line from "Let's Stay Together," the Al Green soul classic that has melted hearts and warmed sheets since its release in 1971.