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Synonyms for whispery

not irritating, strident, or loud

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of their surfaces, each petal a fishhook for reaping a whispery eye.
Malick's editing has become increasingly fleet and jump-cut, his onrushing, handheld camera ever more unstable in its reframing, even as his films have bloated in length, burdened by spiritual rumination expressed in whispery entreaties and hushed exhortations to Mother Earth, God, absent lover, or hovering cloud.
This eclectic assortment of sound topped by Stewart's whispery singing style and deeply personal lyrics combine to create a visceral and emotionally voyeuristic experience for the listener.
They unearthed a few of their earlier recordings -- including one song from the new album, the whispery Travelin' On that Burton had caught on his phone because the other equipment wasn't set up -- and they started thinking about new ones.
Though not one of her lengthy, scannable, nearly-hummable, periodic, and controlled sentences, this one is Austenian still in its restraint, its understatement; it's the quiet Austen, whispery almost in the h's audible in "here" and "he" and "he" and even "which" and "thanked" and (almost) w(h)ent.
A STRANGER CAME CALLING It was Christmas morning, snow gently falling Foot prints in the snow, someone was calling My son answered the door but no one was there My wife noticed a whispery figure move, a man with grey hair "Were you calling?
That anger's how you spot them, red-faced and screaming in the stands but lily-white and whispery, scheming, every other day of the week.
I was braced for a narrator who had the sort of whispery, saccharine tone that's as relaxing as a Sawzall on a steel pipe, but fortunately, the narrator, Mary Maddux, used an approach that didn't sound like a parent cooing a baby to sleep.
Floating in from the higher mountains, it gently circles the treetops, then makes its whispery way towards the golf cart that brings me down from the reception to the rooms.
However, my voice was whispery and rusty and barely resembled my previous voice.
The shape had stirred, had made a noise on the bed, a whispery shivery sound without voice behind it, only the breath stirring.
Heart of Stone" comes straight from the "Nuggets" school of 1960s teen garage bands, its dark, whispery vocals driven by an ominous guitar riff awash in echo and reverb.
Now, tip-toeing quietly up behind them comes William Fitzsimmons with his lush, whispery confessionals offsetting the plaid shirts.
Peaches's new album, in which the foulmouthed singer, who frequently performs sans pantalon, gives us a whispery, '80s electronic performance with the song "Lose You.