whispering gallery

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a space beneath a dome or arch in which sounds produced at certain points are clearly audible at certain distant points

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So, a thin-disk material cannot provide total internal reflection for the guided waves, thus, making impossible to support whispering gallery modes.
The findings suggest that tighter curvature focuses more low-frequency sound waves against cochlea walls, channeling them more efficiently to the cochlea tips and making sounds more audible--just as in a whispering gallery.
The optical sensor is based on an ultrahigh Q whispering gallery microcavity (microtoroid resonator).
Annually, boulders of ice are built into an igloo complex with a bar, a foyer adorned with ice sculptures and a whispering gallery.
But perhaps the most poignant moment came when a cellist played and white rose petals rained down 200ft from the Whispering Gallery.
His autobiography, which throws much light on the literary life of his time, appeared in three volumes--The Whispering Gallery (1955), I Am My Brother (1960), and The Ample Proposition (1966)--and in a condensed one-volume version in the United States--In My Own Time (1969).
This dimpling or narrowing of the fiber effectively changes the properties of the Whispering Gallery and has the effect that light traveling along the surface of the fiber would turn around and head back the way it came.
30am yesterday after she dropped 100ft (30m) from the Whispering Gallery to the floor of the building in central London.
In what would be a wish come true, just one day before attending the game, Terry, of Stirchley, paid a visit to St Paul's Cathedral and recalls being in the whispering gallery where he whispered to some German tourists at the other end: "England will win the World Cup.
Despite an absence of 316 days, WHISPERING GALLERY is poised for a winning return to the fray in the 1.
Martin Greenwood Whispering Gallery John Ferguson He won a bog standard race at Wetherby in outstanding fashion.
Cavalryman, a game globetrotter who even travelled as far at Australia to contest the Melbourne Cup (G1) last November, has been a useful servant to Godolphin handler Saeed Bin Surour, who was winning the Gold Cup for the fourth time following his past successes with Veracity (2009), Sabotage (2010) and Whispering Gallery (2011).
other Dream on with Wake Your Dreams was unfortunate to bump into as smart a prospect as Whispering Gallery yesterday and it will not be long before he opens his account over timber Jennie Candlish's gelding finished third in a good event at Bangor, but still looked a bit short of experience as he wandered around in front at the final flight before going down to a classy stayer.
The storied church's first 259 steps lead to the whispering gallery.
They successfully made proper acoustic measurements that facilitated an investigation into striking acoustic effects such as echoes, resonances and whispering gallery effects.