whispering campaign

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the organized dissemination of derogatory rumors designed to discredit a candidate

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You have to assume he was fatally undermined by a whispering campaign that began within Police Scotland HQ.
Hall blamed his resignation on a whispering campaign, which followed the failure in 2005 of his nursery company Needham Growers.
A dentist who claimed she was sacked after becoming the victim of a whispering campaign has lost her case against health bosses in the North-East.
Denise Merelie sued health bosses and 13 staff, alleging the whispering campaign began after her boss was disciplined for sexually harassing her.
Those at Belle Vue were allowed to go much further as it is hard not to draw the conclusion that the relentless and well-orchestrated whispering campaign against Gray ultimately led to GRA management going down the disciplinary route.
Trying to counter the positives from that ad," a Rove staffer explained to Green, a whispering campaign was launched alleging that Kennedy was a pedophile.
Almost immediately after Timothy's death, a whispering campaign begins among the people of Standfast: "She stan' there and
A whispering campaign has been started to try to convince Councilman Joel Wachs to run for the city attorney job being vacated by incumbent James Hahn instead of for mayor.
Dem nod against multiple winner Carol Shea-Porter, found a sure way to get attention, and under CSP's skin, with his charge that her campaign is allegedly behind a whispering campaign that claims he's been a perpetrator of domestic abuse.
Despite working for a local paper, his story makes headlines nationally - and a whispering campaign is launched to discredit the journalist, or "kill the messenger".
The 32-year-old was the target of a malicious whispering campaign that claimed he went into a rehab clinic to kick his habit, reports The Sun.
A whispering campaign against the Brazilian is starting to gain momentum and the fact Jose Mourinho was at Old Trafford yesterday only fuelled comparison with what has gone before.
Last week I wrote about the whispering campaign alleging that US presidential candidate Barack Obama is a "secret Muslim".
Sorensen has alleged in the Danish press he was the victim of a whispering campaign that suggested he had psychological and fitness problems.
But last week's whispering campaign about Martin sounded like the public schoolboys' club that is Westminster trying to get rid of 'Gorbals Mick' and his wife 'Mrs Mick'.