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spoken in soft hushed tones without vibrations of the vocal cords

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Beth nestled up to her, and whispered softly, "I wish I could send my bunch to Father.
He is scared of the wolves,' Antonia whispered to me.
The knaves know our weakness," whispered Hawkeye, who stood by the side of Heyward, in deep shade, looking through an opening in the logs, "or they wouldn't indulge their idleness in such a squaw's march.
Becky hesitating, Tom took silence for consent, and passed his arm about her waist and whispered the tale ever so softly, with his mouth close to her ear.
So they passed to the bed beside the discontented bee, and here upon the softest down lay the dove, whose gentle eyes looked gratefully upon the Fairy, as she knelt beside the little couch, smoothed the soft white bosom, folded her arms about it and wept sorrowing tears, while the bird still whispered its gratitude and love.
But, finding David asleep by the spring, one of the rogues whispered to his fellow,"Hist
I never thought of that," I whispered back, even more appalled than before at the closeness of the shave, and marveling at that something unyielding in his character which was carrying him through so finely.
When His Majesty speaks to you," the Sentinel hastily whispered to Bruno, "you should prick up your ears
At his first Appearance my Sensibility was wonderfully affected and e'er I had gazed at him a 2d time, an instinctive sympathy whispered to my Heart, that he was my Grandfather.
You are all the women in the world," I whispered bending over her.
Audibly the elm-leaves whispered Peaceful, pleasant melodies, Like the distant murmured music Of unquiet, lovely seas: While the winds were hushed in slumber In the fragrant flowers and trees.
Their interest was so deep that the younger ones whispered when her back was turned--
whispered the young girls, stupefied: "'tis the captain's name
There," he whispered, nodding his head towards the curtain.
In the midst of the service the voices of the priests suddenly ceased, they whispered to one another, and the old servant who was holding the count's hand got up and said something to the ladies.