whiskey jug

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a jug that contains whiskey

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The catfish tree bearing whiskey jug seeds belongs to the sunny fantasy of the tall tale, and the Germans associated with the imagery are either boors or laughable pedants, their eventual absorption into the general white population guaranteed by the earlier example of the Pennsylvania Germans.
So novel was this jogging idea that for the first run, one editor joked that he thought it was a "jugging" contest and brought a whiskey jug to carry.
It is no wonder then, given the circumstances, that at the end of each trip many raftsmen were known to help themselves to "an ivigorator from the whiskey jug.
Victorian stoneware is highly sought-after with ginger beers, flagons and whiskey jugs particular favourites.
Back in the saloons, performers swing on a chandelier and balance on whiskey jugs.
Although the treaty gave the United States possession of Indian lands in Mississippi, the true nature of the pact is suggested in the sinister look of the negotiators and the broken whiskey jugs scattered around the campground, hinting at how the agreement was reached.