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a bottle for holding whiskey

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The Persse whiskey bottles were made before the distillery closed in 1913, and are priced at IR pounds 100,000 each.
Then Jacqueline stabbed the kidnapper in the neck while Tamara bludgeoned him in the face with the whiskey bottle.
This story serves as the seed for the first narrative--Isma's repudiation by/of her husband, who attempts to blind her by beating her badly with a broken whiskey bottle, and her life to follow--and also as the seed for the imagery, repetitive occurrences, parallels in character and action in the rest of the novel.
Slightly drunk and waving a whiskey bottle at a class full of students, he pronounced: "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.
With a whiskey bottle never far from his lips, his character's a gambler, a bar-room brawl just waiting to happen.
It's reported that the most useful navigational aid was a half-full whiskey bottle taped to the control panel as a level indicator
The Jack Daniel Distillery has unveiled its new Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey bottle that officials said would bring a new "refinement" to the brand's outward appearance.
David Collins: From the bottom of North Carolina, and I guess geographically metaphorically the bottom of a whiskey bottle and a bag of grass.
SNOOKER yob Alex Higgins hurled a whiskey bottle through a pub window after a young barmaid refused him more drink.
This time it sounds like he's crawled out of a whiskey bottle and discovered the meaning of life.
Jacqueline then stabbed him in the neck with his own knife while Tamara hit him with his whiskey bottle.
Take the broken whiskey bottle gruffness and the muted guitar explosion of Leatherface, the duct tape barely holding it togetherness of Crimpshrine, the so-tender-it-kills lyricism of Jawbreaker, and spray it with extra shots of sunshine and desperation.
It was on the gear shifter and so we agreed that Tamara would reach over, I'd stab him with the knife and she'd hit him with the whiskey bottle and we, like, got enough courage, like, because you could see his pulse.
FALLEN snooker star Alex Higgins was quizzed by police yesterday after a whiskey bottle was thrown through a pub window.
The girls at one point hit their drunken abductor over the head with a whiskey bottle and locked themselves in the SUV.