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Pray don't mind it," she said, "pray don't, really--let it be--" But Whiskey Dick, feeling himself on safe ground in this attention, persisted to the bitter end of a disintegrated and well-worn "Travatore.
She turned to a handsome sideboard near the door, and presently faced him again with a decanter of whiskey and a glass in her hand, and a return of the bewitching smile she had worn on entering.
For the first time in his life Whiskey Dick hesitated between two forms of intoxication.
The delicate compliment to their confidential relations and the slight stimulus of liquor had tremulously exalted Whiskey Dick.
But Whiskey Dick, guiltily attributing the movement to his own indiscreet gesture, said, "Excuse me, miss," recovered himself by lightly dusting her shoulder with his handkerchief, as if to remove the impression, and her smile returned.
The decanter of whiskey and glasses were still invitingly there.
I--reckon--not, jest now," stammered Whiskey Dick, with a heroic effort.
Presently Harrison returned with the whiskey and soda.
99): The foundation of the Bushmills brand, Bushmills Original is blend of single-malt whiskey and grain whiskeys aged in bourbon barrels resulting in a more delicate and fruity taste.
Bold and fiery in its most generic form, Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is jokingly referred to as an uncouth and coarse swig for banjo-infatuated rabble-rousers.
She said: 'Imported whiskies have captured younger whiskey consumers.
Japan's largest whiskey maker will start selling whiskey first in Shanghai and nearby regions, the officials said, but did not mention any specific dates.
said Tuesday they will sell 500 bottles of whiskey for 70,000 yen each Sept.
Calvin Galliano of Mendecino was thrown from his horse, a 7-year-old Tennessee walking horse named Whiskey, early Monday near the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, according to Los Angeles County Animal Control Officer Michael Blake.
IRISH whiskey is one of the world's great whiskey styles with a long history of quality and character.