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having hair on the cheeks and chin

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Even the most trivial acquaintance with the issue enables every high school history student to be able to say, "you know, they worked out that if all the pieces of the true cross were put together, there would be (fill in appropriately large number of your choice in honour of this whiskery urban legend).
But I also like Kas, with its sleepy tea-garden where you can sip a glass with whiskery locals under the palm trees or spend the evening bar-hopping round the harbour.
Hers may be the sole face on the poster for The Wolfman, the remake of the whiskery 1941 horror favourite, but she would surely be the first to admit that audiences won't be flocking to see how she handles riding a white steed across a country estate.
Oblivious to the fact that the last heavy weight many of the women in her charity branch lifted was the door to the bomb shelter, she chided the whiskery old dears about the state of their stock-room, and ignored their protests about things being too high for them to reach.
round and whiskery face, posted up on his lab's website, though he
oils are the whiskery tips of grass blades too intricate, too
And that damn whiskery cat, scratching those fleas.
EVERYONE on the wetlands appreciated the knowledge and wisdom of the chap with an unpronounceable name and whiskery countenance, who had a liking for dark chocolate, but an even greater enthusiasm for newts.
Reality TV it might be but the potent mix of Sir Alan's whiskery old curmudgeon act, the deadpan but poisonous input of his 'eyes and ears' Nick and Margaret, and the deafening clash of the contestants' egos makes it must-see telly.
Koi look similar to goldfish, but have two whiskery feelers at the corner of the mouth.
A curious item among the acquisitions is a fancy dress shirt worn by Gurney during the 1948 Journalists' Ball, smothered back and front with drawings of characters from Gurney strips--portraits of Bluey and Curley with a Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angel (New Guinea native), a very whiskery swaggy, a large moustached pukka airforce officer, Roy (Mo) Rene from Gurney's first humour strip of 1927, Stiffy and Mo, and caricatures of politicians Ben Chifley, Arthur Caldwell and Billy Hughes.
His whiskery muzzle is framed by a white cloud; the rest of his fur is matted along the bulges of his muscles.
The little frail deacon in his boxers and underwear should be rolling with naked big fat morea smearing her juices all over his whiskery face and Jimmy Lee Vandeventer, sixteen-year-old deb, should be snoozing with her cute nose jammed in old Chicken Itchy's sweaty grizzled armpit, his big black dick rolling rubbery on the left-hand cheek of her pearly little ass as he snorts and snores.
Hartman and Powell spent two years swimming with Crystal River's manatees, getting so close that more than once a female grasped Powell's mask to give him a whiskery kiss.