whisk off

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  • verb

Synonyms for whisk off

brush or wipe off lightly


Related Words

take away quickly and suddenly

References in classic literature ?
As you behold at her Majesty's drawing-room, the ambassadors' and high dignitaries' carriages whisk off from a private door, while Captain Jones's ladies are waiting for their fly: as you see in the Secretary of the Treasury's antechamber, a half-dozen of petitioners waiting patiently for their audience, and called out one by one, when suddenly an Irish member or some eminent personage enters the apartment, and instantly walks into Mr.
But when the boy hears George plotting to whisk off to a new life in Berkshire, he makes a run for it.
Bush has yet to explain why he allowed bin Laden family members, along with other Saudis, to gather post-9-11 at Logan Airport in Boston, then whisk off to Paris.
If using a flannel and face wash sounds too much like hard work, simply whisk off the grime with a wipe.