whisk broom

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a small short-handled broom used to brush clothes


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Attached to a table leg, it keeps a whisk broom at the ready for quick cleanups.
Behold the modern archaeologist in the field: no pick, no shovel, no whisk broom.
Isn't ``governmental efficiency'' an oxymoron - especially in the city's neighborhood-prosecutor program, where lip service and a whisk broom are tools of the trade?
Cleaning out old mortar joints requires basic tools: hammer, flat utility chisel (Photo 2), safety glasses, dust mask and whisk broom.
She was famous in Scottish country dancing circles for having tamed one of the great nuisances of her art -- a portly, middle-aged man a few prickles short of a thistle, who showed up at every group, clad in a car blanket for a kilt and a whisk broom for a sporran, demanding to take part.
Friedrich Nietzsche of the late eighteen-seventies, Maldrich daguerrotype from the Goethe-Schiller Archives, a profile shot, whisk broom of a moustache--was razor-released from a library dust-jacket.
Half open cupboards are crammed with musical, mathematical and astronomical instruments, the English Order of the Garter, books, weapons, a whisk broom (symbolic of good order), pens and a parrot in its cage (heraldic height of luxury).
Like human children, the whisk broom demanded to know whence she came.
Twice a day, I use a whisk broom to brush droppings from the wire floor cages.
Although the 1994 archaeological season includes a remote sensing survey of Jamestown Island in Virginia, the trowel and the whisk broom are still effective tools for uncovering the hidden pasts of national parks.