whisk broom

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a small short-handled broom used to brush clothes


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Attached to a table leg, it keeps a whisk broom at the ready for quick cleanups.
Behold the modern archaeologist in the field: no pick, no shovel, no whisk broom.
Isn't ``governmental efficiency'' an oxymoron - especially in the city's neighborhood-prosecutor program, where lip service and a whisk broom are tools of the trade?
She was famous in Scottish country dancing circles for having tamed one of the great nuisances of her art -- a portly, middle-aged man a few prickles short of a thistle, who showed up at every group, clad in a car blanket for a kilt and a whisk broom for a sporran, demanding to take part.
Friedrich Nietzsche of the late eighteen-seventies, Maldrich daguerrotype from the Goethe-Schiller Archives, a profile shot, whisk broom of a moustache--was razor-released from a library dust-jacket.
Half open cupboards are crammed with musical, mathematical and astronomical instruments, the English Order of the Garter, books, weapons, a whisk broom (symbolic of good order), pens and a parrot in its cage (heraldic height of luxury).
Twice a day, I use a whisk broom to brush droppings from the wire floor cages.
Although the 1994 archaeological season includes a remote sensing survey of Jamestown Island in Virginia, the trowel and the whisk broom are still effective tools for uncovering the hidden pasts of national parks.