whisk away

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take away quickly and suddenly

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These airways deliver oxygen some 200,000 times as fast as a mammal's blood vessels do, and they whisk away carbon dioxide some 10,000 times as fast, according to Thorsten Burmester of the University of Mainz in Germany.
5 billion tC/yr, the overshoot is actually around 150 percent) because it was imagining it possible to whisk away all existing forest and have it replenished with freshly planted forest absorbing 0.
The multi-purpose groomer can also shape and trim eyebrows, keep upper lips free of hair, manicure a bikini area and whisk away hair wherever it appears.
Rather than whisk away the winners to Rome or Paris, Yorkshire Water is offering a lucky couple the chance to sip champagne at a treatment plant near Bradford.
The nontoxic, flexible visco-elastic gel provides comfort and the absorbent Cool Max[R] fabric liner helps whisk away moisture.
This same year, 1997, when the Columbus and Le Levant steamed into the North Channel for 13 visits, bands played at the waterfront gazebo, downtown merchants rolled out the red carpet and motor coaches lined up to whisk away passengers on various island excursions.