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make a sibilant sound

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move with a whishing sound

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In celebration of the partnership, Whish Beauty will launch a Hand Remedy Cream exclusively at ULTA Beauty and will launch its signature collection of hero SKUs inclusive of its Shave Crave Shave Cream, Body Butter, Hair Inhibiting Gel, Sugar Scrub, Body Oil, and Bath & Body Gel in an exclusive Blue Agave flavor.
Whish J, French V, Tolmie PE, Silburn DM (2006) Simulating historic cropping systems to understand the interaction between crop choice and deep drainage.
Anil would call--sh the actual element rather than--ash as it occurs in other echoic words such as swish, whish, slosh, splosh, crush, flush, gush, hush, rush, slush.
Mice getting DES- or uranium-treated water showed classic markers of heavy estrogen exposure, but mice receiving plain water didn't, Whish notes.
Desouza and Awazu are currently working on a book, Engaged Knowledge Management, whish is slated to be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2005.
Air Products researchers were successful in developing the contributed VAM technology, whish represents a new process whereby dimethyl ether is related with carbon monoxide-rich syngas in the presence of recycle streams to produce ethylidene diacetate (EDA) and acetic acid.
7 billion agricultural spending bill for fiscal year 2004, whish includes dietary supplement-related amendments.
I wish I could go into a transporter machine, set the destination for Kerry or Donegal and whish .
You know already that riding horses is about many things: the whish of her gait through unmown grass, jumping small hedge rows with a clean leap, and compromising between giving up and gaining-- you take her on and she takes you.
But to simulate a swinging lightsaber in a duel, Burtt played the original sound over a speaker, whipped a microphone past the speaker, and rerecorded the resulting whish.
There is another battle of sorts going on with the town of Paynton, whish also tries to cash in on the site where the Canadian army was driven off after it attacked the Crees led by Poundmaker.
While offering deep condolences to the Coptic community and people of Egypt, Sleiman expressed whish that they proceed in the footsteps of the late religious leader by pursuing a path of dialogue and openness such that the Orient maintains a status of interfaith cultural peaceful coexistence and interactive space with the rest of humanity.
On a day which provided so many highlights, Sizing Europe produced an awesome display to dethrone Big Zeb in the Queen Mother Champion Chase, whish saw Irish challengers fill the first four places.
Hussain will be there with the rest who have qualified from around the region and we whish him all the best.