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Synonyms for whirring

sound of something in rapid motion

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like the sound of rapidly vibrating wings

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If I ever come across a ZX Spectrum in a museum, I'll pause to look at it and maybe I'll have a sentimental recollection of childhood afternoons watching lines whirring down a screen.
THE pitter patter of parental feet and whirring buggy wheels got Sunday's Baby Race in Bute Park, Cardiff, off to a flying start.
agreeable wind-up whir, even when whirring with fat righteous anger.
Now light, I am reliably informed, travels at a speed of about 186,000 miles a second and the box in which all the whirring is going on is no more than a foot or so across and even if we have to allow a bit of extra time to get to the screen, the whole journey comes to nothing like 186,000 miles so, even for an elderly electron that is no longer as sprightly as it once was, the trip should be all over in the tiniest fraction of a second.
body I am Sleepwalking inside the whirring Factory of my memory-less
am, who came to watch her Formula 1 driver boyfriend Lewis Hamilton's race, for sharing his tricks to enjoy the whirring sound of cars.
The Welsh front woman of the rock trio attempted to repeatedly obliterate her guitar on stage during opening track Whirring last month, but failed to break it in two.
Arthur watched the whirring and ticking sewing machine intently.
The police has issued an all-out ban on the whirring vuvuzelas at football grounds, using an old law that prohibits any object considered dangerous, after the first noisy horns appeared in Cyprus soon after the World Cup that ended in South Africa last Sunday.
30pm in the garden next door and a commercial sized extractor fan whirring away and emitting smells like a takeaway from 10am to 6pm.
Past experience tells us that any time a tall stand of johnson grass and the whirring blades of a bush hog meet, there is a story to be told.
Others boarded whirring air boats that glided across the ice.
On ice, I look like the Isle of Man emblem - legs whirring all over the place.
Brunold then recited a final ``ramp ceremony'' amid the din of whirring aircraft engines.
Lost Girls continues this pattern, in which none-too-sophisticated ideas are put to us amid much whirring of machinery.