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an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades

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Six varieties, including 'Alaska', 'Empress of India', 'Moonlight', and Whirlybird.
They didn't have a whole bunch of them helio-copters around when Gramps was a kid, but even the dumb kid in the back of the class knows that vibrations in a whirlybird are bad.
Heard believes the soft colors of new varieties like 'Moonlight' and 'Creamsicle' are stimulating fresh interest in the plant, but the bright, vivid colors of traditional favorites like Whirlybird and 'Empress of India' are the ones that really hook gardeners.
Take the high road or whirlybird -- Getting out of a town
That whirlybird needed someone--anyone--to voice his concern about what was going on.
As if that wasn't scary enough, this whirlybird also loves paragliding.
Friday was a little disappointed with her final run, in which she fell while attempting her signature whirlybird at the end of her run.
The South Wales Police helicopter team called in to see the children, landing their whirlybird in the hospice grounds in Sully.
Whirlwind Whirlybird Rides" are available both Saturday and Sunday between noon and 4 p.
Popular dwarf varieties that stay about 1 foot tall include the Jewel series, with double blooms; Dwarf Single, with single blooms; and the Whirlybird series, with double blooms that lack the "spur" of traditional nasturtiums.
DEL BOY swapped his Reliant Robin for a whirlybird yesterday.
This thing is totally at the limit of what helicopter technology can do,'' Thompson told the students, pointing out the massive components that make up the huge whirlybird.
MICHAEL VAUGHAN arrived at Silverstone via the rock stars' entrance - by helicopter - and offered James Anderson a lift home to his 21st birthday party in the whirlybird.
In the last few days, as the ballot box loomed, he even hired a giant, 24-seater helicopter so we could revisit 24 key seats in hedge-hopping, whirlybird dash.