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an aircraft without wings that obtains its lift from the rotation of overhead blades

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Six varieties, including 'Alaska', 'Empress of India', 'Moonlight', and Whirlybird.
I covered a bare little hill with a cinnamon-wine celosia, the daintiest cherry red and green cloak imaginable, and portulacas grew beside it and whirlybird nasturtiums.
Original games including Red Light, Green Light; Hide and Seek and Whirlybird (available for BREW(R) compatible handsets only).
These boys just didn't take the few extra seconds to look that whirlybird over and cover their hides.
But then I wouldn't just ground the whirlybird, I'd ditch the entire enchilada these monster proms have become - lock, stock and stretch limo.
That said, mankind is yet to tread so much of the planet that sky blue pink swans may be paddling about undiscovered, rather as previously unknown Brazilians - done up in loin cloths and pillar box red paint - were last month photographed firing off arrows at an overflying whirlybird.
NO names, no pack drill but one rather educated Billingham lady member was excited last week when she heard our local constabulary whirlybird hovering right over her.
Searcy fondly recalled wondrous fireworks detonated for the 1995 film ``Three Wishes,'' starring Patrick Swayze, and thought he recognized the ``Blonde'' whirlybird from filming at the lake about a year ago for ``Fear Factor,'' the reality game-dare show.
She took a ride in a helicopter - and enjoyed it so much she fancied taking over the controls of the whirlybird.
A JUVENILE TV series produced in America from 1954 to 1958 was about two charter helicopter pilots who operated a company called the Whirlybird Service.
Heard believes the soft colors of new varieties like 'Moonlight' and 'Creamsicle' are stimulating fresh interest in the plant, but the bright, vivid colors of traditional favorites like Whirlybird and 'Empress of India' are the ones that really hook gardeners.
Take the high road or whirlybird -- Getting out of a town
That whirlybird needed someone--anyone--to voice his concern about what was going on.
As if that wasn't scary enough, this whirlybird also loves paragliding.