whirligig beetle

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aquatic beetle that circles rapidly on the water surface

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A whirligig beetle seeps white goo when pestered, and that slow ooze--instead of a big squirt--gives the beetle a chance in a life-or-death contest inside a fish's mouth, say Cornell University researchers.
The topics include the ghost mayfly, returning Salmonflies to the Logan River, the mystery of the spine-adorned caddisfly, encounter with Arctic black flies, a dragonfly hanging from a leaf, and in defense of whirligig beetles.
Children of all ages get excited at seeing life under the microscope or magnifying glass, such as nymphs, phantom larvae, leeches and whirligig beetles.
Spy shaggy ink cap mushrooms in the undergrowth, while whirligig beetles and pond skaters take to the water.
You may soon see dragonflies, water boatmen and whirligig beetles.