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Synonyms for whirligig

a conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin

a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement

whirl or spin like a whirligig

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There are projects for every season, ranging from making a whirligig to making and sailing a boat.
Whirligig It was the most northerly sighting of this species and is only the second sighting for Scotland - the first being made in a pile of grass cuttings in Melrose, in the Borders, in 1969.
But the fact that contestants go through several rounds of vetting before they get in front of the judges convinces too many of the poor deluded souls that they're the next Mariah Carey, despite the fact they sound like an accordion going round on a whirligig.
Of all the Ealing comedies, this one may well be the most joyful, as giddy as Guinness's whirligig descent from the Eiffel tower.
Best Swimmer: Whirligig beetles have a unique modification of the eye, making it possible to see both in the air above and in the water below at the same time.
Amid the whirligig of general elections in the world's most vibrant (raucous?
Mack owns the Whirligig Emporium, a big red barn, where he's selling Christmas trees at a dollar a foot.
Last week she telephoned me in the car while I was on the M25 to announce that she'd finally read all 3,000 spam emails that were in her in-box, but now there was a "coloured whirligig thing" in the middle of the screen and would I please pop round to make it go away.
Sunday's Grammy Awards featured a whirligig set with many moving parts, and performances from artists that could dance up a storm.
That makes it a whirligig of emotion, with some owners facing tough choices for their beloved pets, some pets starting palliative care for cancer, and others receiving all the fuss and attention their cute puppies and kittens deserve as they wait for a preventative procedure.
The whirligig will begin to move after you set the bottle containing hot water beneath it.
With creatures such as the Caspian whirligig and Dytiscus semisulcatus, the world of aquatic beetles and bugs is absolutely fascinating even if, sometimes, we struggle to pronounce their scientific names," said warden Emma Birnie.
The topics include the ghost mayfly, returning Salmonflies to the Logan River, the mystery of the spine-adorned caddisfly, encounter with Arctic black flies, a dragonfly hanging from a leaf, and in defense of whirligig beetles.
Here we have one of those whirligig cases where an asylum seeker goes up and down on the merry-go-round leaving one wondering when the music will ever stop.
Weights were added each day to a whirligig (to use the technical term), slowing the daylight dial as the summer solstice approached.