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Synonyms for whirligig

a conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin

a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement

whirl or spin like a whirligig

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Reminiscent of Paul Fleischman's Whirligig (Perfection Learning, 1999/VOYA, June 1998) this powerful novel shows how everyone's lives become interconnected through the smallest gestures and actions.
The scientific parallel to Transtromer's metaphor of 'the great unknown' he holds steady can well be the so-called Mach principle, which states that every single inertial movement, let us say the spinning of a whirligig, is dependent on the total mass of matter in the universe.
That whirligig summed up the fascination with Fallon then.
Succession there was none; this passion burned as if at the world's inharmonious core some demigod kept lyric time, and turned the whirligig of chance into the crafted flower.
1 Which presenter and host of Radio 4's long-running quiz show My Music, who first appeared on television on the BBC's Whirligig children's programme in 1950 died aged 88, in June 2009?
Though toys like the yo-yo have a long history in Europe and the Americas -- a disk on a string called a whirligig was patented in 1866 -- the modern yo-yo dates from 1928, when an immigrant from the Philippines named Pedro Flores began to manufacture the toys in California based on the yo-yos he had known in his youth.
One of the taskforce members is Robin Wilson of Whirligig, Inc.
At last Woolly Bear finds a whirligig beetle friend to snuggle up next to for the winter.
org/sln/vollis, Join the Science Museum of Minnesota as their staff tours the Vollis farm, home to many unique and large windmills and whirligigs Site includes student activities and instructions for building a pop bottle whirligig
The Canon: A Whirligig Tour of the Basics of Science.
The canon; a whirligig tour of the beautiful basics of science.
The Whirligig of Time: Essays on Shakespeare and Czechoslovakia.
Mr Skidmore makes great use of Edward VI's diary and letters to contrast the boy-king's developing personality with the political whirligig that surrounded him.
The name yo-yo came from the Philippines, but it's been around for centuries with different names including bandalore (France), Prince of Wales' toy (England) and whirligig.
THE CANON: A Whirligig Tour of the Beautiful Basics of Science NATALIE ANGIER