whirl around

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fly around


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The 90-second whirl around the "Waitrose School of Christmas Magic", which has strong echoes of Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has a final bit of trickery.
They whirl around at speeds of 270 miles per second (1 million miles per hour), completing one orbit in only 39 minutes.
Flies' aerial gymnastics are driven by wing joints that act like windup toys, letting the bugs use air drag to whirl around almost automatically, a new analysis shows.
The music, dancing' stunning lighting, sets, and costumes will whirl around the room in a spectacle that takes one inside the musical," Lopinto says, adding that French-themed food and a give-away of a week in Paris complete the night.
Kidnapping, high-speed chases, and the secrets of the past whirl around each other.
They will join the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, led by principal conductor Vasily Petrenko, and hundreds of members of the public, who will be invited to whirl around the Grade I-listed landmark's grand hall.
She even managed to fit in a quick snog and a whirl around planet Earth before meeting her maker, but the whole thing was more teeth-aching than a dozen selection boxes.
Our Earthly Pleasures is one of those albums that you can just chill out to, or you can dance, whirl around and feel good in yourself.
The lives of seven men who loved--or at least liked--her whirl around Pieternella.
He never saw me, but you couldn't miss Emlyn - he'd whirl around like something demented.
The fish, which whirl around their tank like carousel horses, are fed in a group, she explains.
Little angels spin and whirl around the Music and Movement dancefloorPictures / NEIL PUGH The Three Kings look regally on while teacher Helen Battelley (right) plays a lion A little girl patiently waits for her turn on stage A proud parent captures the magic on video
Few balloonists have risked a whirl around the globe.
But as the wild winds of change whirl around us, we find ourselves seeking something solid to grasp, a foothold that won't crumble, a reliable source of information, direction, and support to help us understand and adapt to those changes.
In the 30-second piece, debuting this week, the bears don ice skates for a whirl around a frozen pond.