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A whip-round by friends raised PS1000 and the remainder was paid for with a bank loan.
Mitchell <B Marsh had a whip-round among his team-mates for the Aussies' coach driver
TOON tycoon Mike Ashley caved into player power at St James's Park after furious United stars threatened to have a whip-round in order to pay for a private flight to Dundee.
And cattle exhibitors raised pounds 500 in a whip-round for owners of a calf that died.
After hearing the news Welsh Black breeders had a whip-round in the cattle lines to buy flowers for Eirian.
Hockley, Huntingdon racecourse's commercial executive, who overcame an injury sustained a week before the event, gamely turned up at the Bedfordshire Racing Club social event 48 hours later and was rewarded with a pounds 160 whip-round for the cause and her efforts.
Workers employed in the network design team had a whip-round for Age Concern Coventry - which was matched by the company - and raised pounds 550 for the charity.
So six of the customers had a whip-round and came up with the cash to become its new owners.
Staff and customers at the Griffin Inn in Gilfach had a whip-round to replace it and raised pounds 150.
A community rallied to save a young mum from a fire - then had a whip-round to replace her belongings.
A whip-round by friends raised PS1,000 and the remainder was paid for with a bank loan.
Do you think we should have a whip-round to make sure he's OK in retirement?
Stallholders at the Bullring open market and St Martin's market were so disgusted at the theft they had a whip-round and collected PS250 to buy Shabana Shoukat a new tablet.
Meanwhile, with typical modesty, Bernice is organising her own farewell whip-round in the Woolpack.
CAN we have a whip-round to buy a jumper for that shy, self-effacing wee lamb Scout Willis?