whip hand

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position of advantage and control

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New York-based celebrity makeup artist Victor Amos will lead the Whip Hand Cosmetics Team as Lead makeup artist.
Two hundred attendees browsed and received beauty treatments specifically for redheads from vendors Pureology, Whip Hand Cosmetics, Incoco, Susan Ciminelli and Prescriptives.
We simply can't afford to give politicians the whip hand to hold over a cowering Press.
The theme that the world needs Iranian oil and that the Islamic Republic therefore holds the whip hand has been a popular one with officials, despite official rhetoric denouncing western countries for their "arrogance" in trying to use the whip hand on other countries.
It was not pretty, but they won almost every ball at the rucks, though Aberavon's strong pack scrummaged well with props Neil White and Anthony Edwards holding the whip hand.
If the European airlines can close down particularly in countries like Germany, I'm afraid we are simply going to have to live with extreme weather and decide whether we want to pay these very large increases in air fares which will surely follow or simply accept the fact that mother nature has the whip hand.
SIR MICHAEL STOUTE bagged the Panmure Gordon Stockbroking Fillies'' Handicap at Sandown with a smart type in Leocorno last year and he again holds the whip hand with Marie De Guise.
Nokia's latest patent strike against Apple underscores the changing dynamics of the cell phone market, with the sector leader no longer holding the whip hand over rivals in terms of product development.
The lack of PFI expertise among the public sector procurement teams is resulting in poor negotiating with bidders who often have the whip hand.
At the moment Everton hold the whip hand as he's contracted to them and a lot of people may have lost sight of that.
Stipendiary steward Simon Cowley said: "Callan made no obvious effort to correct his whip hand and allowed his horse to drift, and in so doing put Carson and Savage in danger of being brought down, which can only be interpreted as dangerous riding.
The market for Turkish sultanas is bullish as Taris, the state owned co-operative, has the whip hand as the sole supplier and thus able to direct the market -- within reason.
In post-position order: Our Liquidator, Special Mongoose, Reeds Dash, Corona Cartel, Primo High, Artesias First Down, Winning Rhythm, Addax, Las Alamitos and Whip Hand.
The Government is determined to shift the balance of power in the workplace and give bosses the whip hand during disputes.
And Mr Cameron yesterday warned spending in England could be cut if the SNP had the whip hand.