whip hand

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position of advantage and control

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At the moment Everton hold the whip hand as he's contracted to them and a lot of people may have lost sight of that.
Stipendiary steward Simon Cowley said: "Callan made no obvious effort to correct his whip hand and allowed his horse to drift, and in so doing put Carson and Savage in danger of being brought down, which can only be interpreted as dangerous riding.
The market for Turkish sultanas is bullish as Taris, the state owned co-operative, has the whip hand as the sole supplier and thus able to direct the market -- within reason.
In post-position order: Our Liquidator, Special Mongoose, Reeds Dash, Corona Cartel, Primo High, Artesias First Down, Winning Rhythm, Addax, Las Alamitos and Whip Hand.
Mayo should be in a much healthier position if these teams meet in the summer, but for now Roscommon look to hold the whip hand.
The Government is determined to shift the balance of power in the workplace and give bosses the whip hand during disputes.
But the kind of whip hand that the Toryled government have introduced is a sanctions machine lacking in any compassion.
The second period was very much a repeat of the first with Merthyr holding the whip hand, but Clevedon pulled a goal back on 61 minutes when a counterattack was finished off by Omari Sims.
WHIP HAND Bookie Ladbrokes is expanding its digital operation
Should the whip hand not rise above the shoulder, or does it mean the elbow of the whip arm?
The home bowlers in turn found some assistance from the track and at 67-5 Maghull appeared to hold the whip hand.
Blytholme hold the whip hand in both Billiards and Snooker.
Nor would Enoch Powell be allowed to get away with his infamous "rivers of curd" speech in which he warned that "in 20 years' time, the black bean man shall have the whip hand over the white pudding man".
Mills had held the whip hand after the first round carding a two-over-par 72, while Smith was three shots back in joint third spot.
Truth is, Enoch Powell's claim that "the black man will have the whip hand over the white man" has proved ill founded.