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habitually complaining

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From time to time, I tweet a disclaimer that I offer my opinion only, not expertise," Whiny Donor said via email.
To some degree, they may just want to protect their kids from boredom and/or protect the congregation from fidgety, whiny disruptiveness during a somber section of the holiday liturgy.
Their man Liu Xiang claimed, presumably in the whiny, high-pitched voice of a playground snitch: "Robles hit me twice, at the ninth hurdle he pulled at me.
Kash, 21, from Cardiff, was sent packing after singing NeYo's Closer - with Simon Cowell telling him: "You have a whiny voice like you've got a cold.
Alisa Solomon of the Village Voice responded by asking if anyone saw Oedipus Rex as a whiny victim's play.
It really annoys me to see an increase in the number of whiny people in Bahrain over the last five years.
A whiny voice is so irritating that it just cuts right through you--so parents are very likely to do whatever the kid wants to make their child stop.
So it's a shame about the whiny Brummie voiceover so infuriating you want to tear your own ears off just to have something to throw at the TV.
It is so tiring to see yet another letter from a whiny reader complaining about a straight person on the Advocate cover [Feedback re Matthew Rhys, November 20].
Lead singer Gerard Way's whiny American voice grated through the sweat-filled arena as he spouted a dirty fountain of obscenities to his legion of greasy teenage fans.
At a prestigious summer seminar I attended this year, I was disturbed to hear two African-Americans with doctorates say in a whiny voice that Black students at HBCUs need to "get over being Black".
Deryck Whibley's whiny vocal rides chugging guitar on songs such as standout No Apologies, Walking Disaster, Dear Father and Underclass Hero, the latter named after the UK aid worker who rescued the band from gunfire during the making of a charity video in the Congo.
Caught between Warhol and Bob Dylan (not named, to avoid a lawsuit), the whiny Sedgwick splats like a bug on a windshield.
Mother has a patient cultured voice, Claire is a self-centered liar, Lucy a whiny dim bulb, Jocasta a nasty piece of work who is finally expelled.
Sometimes, in moments of stress, she had power cuts and the old whiny barmaid came screaming out of the defrosting cold room.