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MikefromCardiff AS YOU say there are a lot of whingers.
Don't think so, it's the likes of the two letters who are the whingers.
But I'm sick of hearing whingers ask where the value in the game for Scotland was.
TO ALL the whingers who go on about how Ireland was so much better in the "good old days" of poverty and mass unemployment, well it looks like your wish has come true.
On the strength of the second-rate decisions he and his Gateway committee have made, I feel proud to be included as one of Sir Bernard Zissman's whingers.
No sooner had the draw been made than the whingers were complaining about our bunch of five and how it could place us at a disadvantage when it came to sorting out the group runners-up for the play-offs.
All that changed after Saturday's match with Italy, we seem to have become a nation of whingers and accusers overnight.
I think that the people who keep complaining about Merseyrail are a lot of whingers.
How satisfying it must be to prove that the whingers who said the clean-up was a waste of time, were so very wrong.
After a while, the whingers will come to appreciate the benefits of having the extra time to study the form, plan their next racecourse visit in advance and learn something about horseracing, instead of falling out of bed with a hangover and guessing which particular horse is going to 'perhaps' win a race.
LET'S tell the truth - Jose Mourinho and his Chelsea whingers are the most evil-tempered and worst losers of all time.
Another great thing, that winning does is shut up the moaners and the whingers.
It didn't take long for the whingers to crawl out from under the woodwork again.
A TORY MP has been branded an 'utter disgrace' after he accused Cadbury workers of being whingers.
As usual they're a motley crew of backstabbers, stirrers, whingers and creeps, which makes watching them all the more exciting.