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Hold on to that fresh-as-a-spring daffodil positivity and don't become a Welsh Whinger.
The Huddersfield hulk has managed to make herself even more unpopular than the bikini-loving whinger, and was yesterday backed from 11-10 to as short as 8-15 to get her marching orders.
SIMPLE LIFE whinger Nicole Richie says she's getting sick of hearing about her 'eating disorder'.
The whinger has an opinion on every aspect of racing, and it has been scientifically proven that the strength and vocal representation of his views on a given subject are inversely proportional to the level of his expertise on it.
Tonight, we have the pleasure of arch Big Brother whinger Alex Sibley, who doesn't seem to take too kindly to Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer's jibes about cleanliness.
Just as they are now, but the baggy-capped whinger wants them changed once the biter was bitten.
The artist formerly known as the "Peter Pan of Pop" - but now a grumpy old whinger - says Andy's language on court is well beyond the baseline.
WHINGER of the week goes to daytime telly's former matinee idol John Lesley.
Another whinger this week has been washed-up entertainer Michael Barrymore who claims the media have ``misrepresented'' him.
But whinger Shane had no right to complain the second time around.
Arsenal have got a whinger who'll moan if he has to play out of position and Chelsea have got a greedy so-and-so who's happy to slag off his previous employers to sell a few more copies of his book.
I've worked all my life, have a large family and never asked anyone for anything, but this doesn't make me a whinger.
Such unflattering names as Whinger and Riff Raff are bestowed by some people on their unfortunate little treasure.
If you wish to have a whinge without appearing a whinger, invoke the Adna-Weeda Principle.
The Ginger Whinger is co-hosting BBC's coverage of the extravaganza with Big Brother presenters Davina McCall and Dermot O'Leary.