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The rest of us have always taken solace in the knowledge that the whinger is a sad inadequate whose conspiracy theories and other sundry paranoid delusions are, in the end, hollow words that will fade into the ether with the final commentary of the day.
There are two sorts of whingers in sport, the one who moans his way through every match and the man who thinks he is more likely to convince because he complains so seldom.
ONCE again, to prove all you whingers wrong, I'm going to start off on a happy note.
IN reply to John Rowlands (`Miserable City', Letters, October 1), how dare he call us miserable whingers.
If you wish to have a whinge without appearing a whinger, invoke the Adna-Weeda Principle.
The Ginger Whinger is co-hosting BBC's coverage of the extravaganza with Big Brother presenters Davina McCall and Dermot O'Leary.
But spare a thought for poor Whinger and Riff Raff.
But the I'm A Celebrity whinger was allowed a special treat during a dinner at Mr Chow in Knightsbridge with her jungle co-stars Tara Palmer Tomkinson and spoonbender Uri Geller.
Bryan Bayram, 25, was given the boot from his pounds 18,000-a-year post as deputy manager at a recycling centre after posting comments under the name The Ginger Whinger.
WHINGER and ginger go head to head later today in the final eviction from the Big Brother house.
Liv was a bit of a whinger," one aggrieved film-maker whispers to me.
Stop being a whinger and start being a winger if you want to be in this strong Everton team where no one is guaranteed a place.
Evans quit last month after rows with Channel 4 but despite getting star presenters like Kylie Minogue and Davina McCall, producers have left the December 22 berth open for the Ginger Whinger.
After all that doom and gloom down Albert Square she could be Whinger Spice.
Ginger Whinger Evans will be seen travelling to explore the global obsession with golf - from Shiskine on Arran to India and Japan.