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But come on Premier League managers, let's stop the post-match whingeing.
Betsan (left) and Hilary are among the women in cheeky poses for a 2013 calendar of adult show Whingeing Women
Gerald Davies says his pride of Lions will not be whingeing Poms in Australia
I hope he's whingeing after the match just as other managers have when we've had big scalps in the past.
The constant tirade of whingeing and wailing about the big bad great satan of the West (USA/UK) mainly, never ceases to amaze me.
But Business Secretary Lord Mandelson accused Mr Duncan of "whingeing" and being two-faced, saying: "It's ridiculous for any Member of Parliament, but particularly a multimillionaire, to start telling the rest of the country and whingeing about salaries MPs receive.
WHINGEING lags at a Midlands prison complained because they were not allowed their favourite MILKSHAKES.
Taxi drivers would gain more respect if they stopped whingeing and concentrated more on acting as ambassadors for our once proud city.
The Bayern legend - now general manager - launched an amazing attack on the punters last week, telling them to "stop whingeing or find yourselves another club".
5m [pounds sterling] push for the bar and shows the bling-laden hard man driving a tank at a whingeing footballer and waving a Snickers as he tells him to "get some nuts".
This is just opposition whingeing for the sake of opposition whingeing.
Although identifying with Delhi's natives in their struggles against the British, Hosagrahar does mainly steer clear of whingeing Saidian claptraps; but her jargon-strewn top and tail add nothing to the book.
If you're not happy to pay [euro]2 for a seat stop complaining and whingeing.
THE Aussies might think of us as whingeing Poms but we don't even reach amateur status in the whingeing stakes against India.
And to all those whingeing about Google, Starbucks and Take That how many of you are among the estimated 20-plus million British people with an ISA or two?