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This is, unfortunately, typical of the type of whingeing we get from prisoners.
LONDON, March 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Steve Pipe, Chairman of the 294 office strong accountancy group AVN The Accountants has responded to the outcry following Gordon Brown's eighth Budget by challenging the rest of the accounting profession to stop whingeing and do something useful.
Instead of moans he heard NAGGING as he was connected to a tape of a wife whingeing at her hen-pecked husband for refusing to do jobs around the house.
THE Aussies might think of us as whingeing Poms but we don't even reach amateur status in the whingeing stakes against India.
Yet weeks ago the industry was whingeing about the difficulty it has attracting and training recruits.
The producer and director of Whingeing Women, Craig Ryder, sent the lingerie to give the Evita and Blood Brothers impresario a flavour of the risque show - with ladies talking openly about sex, pregnancy, shopping and cosmetic surgery.
Here we go again, the North East whingeing it's not getting a fair deal and looking for more hand-outs from the state.
Just get your tables out, bake a few scones and make some sandwiches and stop whingeing.
So thank you, Lib Dems and you lot stop whingeing and get on with the life your great grandparents would have celebrated.
Instead of whingeing it would be far more profitable if they would get on with the job that they have to do - protect health and education and live within their means so far as everything else is concerned.
AUSSIE RULES agent Ricky Nixon has told Tyrone manager Mickey Harte to stop whingeing.
A national newspaper quoted him as saying during a Westminster lunch: "Why has nobody got snow chains and why are you all whingeing about what the Government hasn't done?
As a "service user" I amboth perplexed and irritated by this low level carping and whingeing.
Australian rugby bosses faced a backlash from their own fans yesterday after the whingeing surrounding Saturday's World Cup clash with Wales reached deafening levels.
Dear Editor, - I do wish the ex-Rover workers would stop whingeing all the time