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He has whinged so often that he has become the boy who cried wolf.
No one whinged when the nation showed its grief at Diana's demise, so ignore the sour grapes from Johnson's slime.
I wanna go to Souf Africaaaa'' she whinged when she discovered Cameron's whereabouts and had digested that she wouldn't be able to nominate him for the next two weeks.
His comment on unemployment - that everyone whinged about not having enough leisure time and now they were whinging because they had too much - was scandalous.
We whinged then about ``our rights''; now we look upon drink driving as a real crime.
He whinged about how the relentless hard work of the Irish band's schedule has left him regretting joining the band.
PATHETIC Ian Huntley has whinged to prison bosses that searches of his cell breach his human rights.