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brown-and-buff European songbird of grassy meadows

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The whinchat joins fellow long-distance migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa and humid tropics, such as the cuckoo and wood warbler on the Red list.
A beech tree brought down by yesterday's high winds in Whinchat Grove, Kidderminster, which damaged three cars and a garage JP110107Tree-5 Picture, JEREMY PARDOE' Drivers try to brave a flooded road at Hill Wootton, near Leamington, after the Lem burst its banks
An additional 325 ha of habitat for the whinchat (Saxicola rubetra), red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) and stonechat (Saxicola rubicola) and other protected species at Oude Willem, with bird spec
Ben had put his bike down near goalposts while with friends at grassland off Whinchat Tail in Guisborough on Sunday, June 9.
Other visitors to Conwy this week included wood sandpiper, common scoter, whinchat and yellow wagtails.
There are charming and sometimes astonishing close-ups of sparrow, snipe, little owl and whinchat, along with a hurtling fox.
On NNRs up and down the country, spring sees the return of migratory waders such as golden plover and curlew, while whinchat and ring ouzel start to appear on our upland heaths and moors.
n Kay McCaig, 10 Whinchat Drive, Birchwood, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6PB.
In 2000, an RSPB survey estimated that there were more than 48,000 pairs of breeding birds on the plain, including important populations of declining species such as corn bunting, grey partridge, quail, skylark, whinchat and stonechat.
Five upland species have been added to the red list - the curlew, dotterel, whinchat, grey wagtail and merlin, bringing the number of species found in upland areas that are in trouble to 12.
The various habitats are also important for birds, including: woodlarks, Bewick s swan, black woodpeckers, little grebe, black-necked grebe, whinchat, common stonechat, shovelers, wheatears and teal.
Our route runs ahead into Whinchat Tail and beyond Peregrine Court on our right we continue down the slope to Middlesbrough Road.
Experts will be on hand to explain more about the bird, while keeping watch for other wildlife, such as peregrine falcon, whinchat, buzzard, kestrel and raven.
Mr Carl Drysdale, of Whinchat Grove, Kidderminster, was injured when his Austin Montego was in collision with a Ford Sierra in Fox Lane, Bromsgrove, at 6pm on Wednesday.
The wetland habitat types are essential for three especially valuable EU species: - The violet copper (Lycaena helle), a small butterfly, found in Luxemburg only in the wetlands of Eisleck, the populations being rather small and existing only in isolated locations; - The whinchat (Saxicola rubetra), a migrating bird of the family of the Muscicapidae; and - The red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) a carnivorous passerine, or perching, bird species of the shrike family Laniidae.