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Synonyms for whimsy

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

Synonyms for whimsy

an odd or fanciful or capricious idea

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the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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I, on the other hand, will tolerate an unlimited amount of whimsy, as long as it is my whimsy.
With their simple visual appeal, clean and crisp color palette, and controlled whimsy, today's dots suit a wide variety of settings.
As for the editing, montage is not pastiche, and The Heart of the World's remarkable intelligibility amid a blistering pace reveals how much more he owes to Dziga Vertov than whimsy, certainly not a pastiche in the cynical postmodern sense of the word.
With his usual wit, whimsy, irony, and surprises, Vonnegut offers us in God Bless You, Dr.
In it, fine art and folk art rub shoulders as does whimsy and kitsch.
A tough-minded poem, "The Tale of a Dzeleka Prison Hard-Core Hero," by Malawian writer Jack Mapanje follows, disrupting the barbed whimsy of Cleghorn.
For Bernice Rhodes, who developed the collection for the Hyatt, that meant instilling a sense of whimsy and fun, like placing a venerable antique carousel horse in the lobby (the hotel site was once an Arabian horse farm), where it serves as a central rendezvous point for guests.
And I did appreciate the Nixon stamp--an inspired bit of whimsy.
None of it is mere bread-and-butter journalism: it's all enlivened by Kerouac's wit and musical sentences, his whimsy and passion.
In the latter case, however, one could interpret office workers' attention to procedures in awarding step-increases and pensions as not only venal but part of a shifting awareness of the importance of substituting predictable routine for managerial whimsy in worklife as a whole.
Written in bouncy rhyme and illustrated with clever whimsy, this book is sure to be a favorite of all young truck lovers.
In the gallant whimsy of physicists, when beauty decays, charm may sometimes remain.
Experience Elegant Whimsy with oovoo's handcrafted bags
Daniele Thompson's movie, though, is better than most in the genre, possessing a whimsy that never feels forced and a bittersweet edge in its characters' elusive pursuit of happiness.
Yet while his humor is unarguably characterized by gentle whimsy (compare it to the darker visions of R.