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Synonyms for whimsy

an impulsive, often illogical turn of mind

Synonyms for whimsy

an odd or fanciful or capricious idea

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the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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As for mastering a Superior Jigsaw, the company claims the whimsies, together with other brain-teasing features, make their 250-piece puzzles the equivalent of a standard 1, 000 piece jigsaw.
So, a jigsaw of garden may feature puzzle whimsies such as tiny flowers, garden tools, even a gardener leaning on a spade, while a Christmas-themed example might include whimsies in the form of snow flakes, Christmas trees and presents.
When it comes to mastering a Superior Jigsaw, the company claims that the whimsies, together with other brain-teasing features, make their 250-piece puzzles the equivalent of a standard-cut 1, 000 piece jigsaw.
Wade Whimsies, made by Staffordshire Potteries, date back to the 1950s.
BETWEEN 1953 and 1959 Wade produced 10 sets of Whimsies for retail sale with the last five sets each having a theme.
Wall-mounted cartographic whimsies like Islands and Ash's Atoll (all works 1993) highlight such tropical hot spots as "Failed Expectation Shoal," "Sordid Solitude Rise," and "Cheap Sexual Gratification Key.
Q MY mother has four boxed sets of Whimsies miniature porcelain figures made by Wade, all in the original display boxes with lids.
The Country set you have is actually the First Whimsies Set Three and, collectively, the book price of all five figures is pounds 120 to pounds 150.
I am not sure which sets the English and the African ones are - there were 12 English Whimsies sets - but if they were bought at the same time as the other two, then they are likely to be early and therefore in the rare category.
Wade are perhaps most famous for their NatWest pigs, whimsies and decanters.
WADE collectables have often proven to be good investments, especially since the whimsies arrived in the early 1950s.
WADE, a firm which began in the early 19th Century, is famous for Nat West Piggies and Whimsies - small, affordable animal figurines which started a collectors' craze.
Whimsies also included a nursery rhyme series and a Disney tie-in.
QI HAVE a collection of Wade Whimsies dating back to 1954.
ABRITISH potter Wade's pocket money Whimsies came in boxes of five and proved an instant hit.