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in a fanciful manner


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The steward heaved a sigh, and whimsically shot into his mind the memory-picture in his nursery-book of the old woman who lived in a shoe.
Behold me, then, now starting afresh in the world, in the character of a portrait-painter; with the payment of my remuneration from my first sitter depending whimsically on the life of my grandmother.
Ernest shrugged his shoulders whimsically and accepted a cup of tea.
I wonder if you'd give that invitation if you knew how likely I'll be to accept it," Captain Jim remarked whimsically.
I smiled incredulously at Marlow's ferocity; but Marlow pausing with a whimsically retrospective air, never flinched.
This loss, however great, he bore like a man of sense and constancy, though it must be confest he would often talk a little whimsically on this head; for he sometimes said he looked on himself as still married, and considered his wife as only gone a little before him, a journey which he should most certainly, sooner or later, take after her; and that he had not the least doubt of meeting her again in a place where he should never part with her more--sentiments for which his sense was arraigned by one part of his neighbours, his religion by a second, and his sincerity by a third.
She was sunk in a pit of blackness, with but that small square of pallid light framing the star that she had so whimsically and oh, so ineffectually named.
He looked up whimsically at the sky and smiled at the conceit.
She smiled at me whimsically, gloriously, and I knew there was no need for forgiveness.
After a pause, in which the whimsically wicked face has not been unobservant of him, Rosa says:
Lightwood was shaking his head over the air with which his friend held forth thus--an air so whimsically open and argumentative as almost to deprive what he said of the appearance of evasion--when a shuffling was heard at the outer door, and then an undecided knock, as though some hand were groping for the knocker.
Lebanon has been without electricity for the last 25 years and those responsible are still on top whimsically extending their power of mandate, she added.
The Royal Spyness mysteries are always whimsically written and fun to read.
When the uber-glam Deepika Padukone shifted gear to play a whimsically practical girl who doesn't mind becoming a mistress to the man she loves rather than lose him in Cocktail, many were shocked.
Photographs and paintings share the walls this month at the Emerald Art Center, featuring the 27th annual PhotoZone Juried Show and Eugene artist Alan Clark's whimsically named "Acrylic Paint, My Close Friend and Confidant" display.