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Many of these works are unrelated to the artist's ceramic editions, and bear testimony to his exuberant whimsicality and inventiveness in the medium.
Lelang's view of Batu's whimsicality is at the very least "bon vivant," but much more: "Her work is the affirmation of the stance against oppressive voices," she explained.
41) Hence, the search for a formal law of science is actually a search for invariance, an escape from the whimsicality of natural change into the coziness of constancy taken as a fixed standard of reference.
8220;Our designs are simple, yet elegant, and reflect the whimsicality of our business,” Carol Langdon said.
Dinosaurs at School" will encourage early reading, concept formation and understanding, counting, and memory, as well as encouraging a sense of humor and whimsicality.
In 1926 he praised the Polish-born Conrad's "virile talent, his Englishness, his free brow [sic], his clear, steady and humorous eye, his narrative verve, power and grave-faced whimsicality.
Charming aesthetic virtues include gracefulness, wittiness, vivaciousness, imaginativeness, whimsicality, liveliness, and so forth.
The iconic Radio Brynsiencyn programme, adored by listeners across Wales for its engaging whimsicality, was started by Ian and his wife in 1984.
It's these unexpected touches of whimsicality that make "Foosball" such a pleasure to watch, from the hilarious list of stadium sponsors to Grosso's outsized Xanadu of a mansion, replete with statues of himself in imitation of everything from Rodin's "The Thinker" to, best of all, both figures in Michelangelo's "Pieta.
2d at 729 (stating defendant failed to overcome presumption of validity); Whimsicality, Inc.
Again, this may well be part of Ballou's intention, although here the whimsicality may be so arch as to cancel its own point.
A fussy mid-60s setting for Wes Anderson whimsicality that's just as corny, in its own fey way.
He began to think that neo-Victorian iconography might help him foreground the religion/science conflict in his Tartuffe: The whimsicality of steampunk might have a liberating effect on theatregoers, prompting them to reexamine their perspectives and look at the issue "in a fresh way," he says.
Lowell's dispatches, as one critic has noted, were "not without a great deal of political sagacity, but they are written in his characteristic epistolary vein-humorous, pathetic, frank, sometimes bookish with his habitual whimsicality only a little chastened by any sense of occasion.
The Whimsicality cases implicitly support the assumption that