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Synonyms for whimsicality

the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

the trait of behaving like an imp

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But poorly could I withstand them, much as in other moods I was almost ready to smile at the solemn whimsicalities of that outlandish prophet of the wharves, colorless Reality outran apprehension;
In other words, the paralegality of the law does not necessarily abolish the constraints and limitations of the juridical, it just enforces the necessity of becoming aware of its transgressions and whimsicalities.
She, in turn, teaches her daughter that an "old maid" is "an impersonation of whimsicalities, at best to be pitied, and that her condition is, at all risks, to be avoided" (2: 81).
For years, the back-of-the-book remained a dub car for gentleman hacks, its garrulous Nero being Alexander Woolcott, whose baroque, indecipherable whimsicalities sit on the page for modern readers like a mound of heavy carbs.
For example, he sees the English Garden as the work of amateurs 'often uninhibited as regards whimsicalities and outside influences'.
What may, with the romance-tinged spectacles of hindsight, be classed as the Golden Age of the investigative crime novel, brought forth the Lord Peter Wimsey whimsicalities of Dorothy L.
its title as `Ineffectual Marriage') and observing that `Laforgue's influence or some kindred tendency is present in the whimsicalities of Marianne Moore, and of Mina Loy'.
The Young man from Bahia Blanca, and all the time-honoured whimsicalities were recounted with his usual pungent and facetious manner, but they were outdone by the smart and brilliant humour of the adjutant.
Twain did not limit himself to a single locality or to one type of device but exhibited all the linguistic whimsicalities of his predecessors, that is, malapropisms, puns, misquotations, understatement, exaggeration, incongruities, illiteracies, and absurd spellings.
Politicians are also learning under the huge perceptible and also imperceptible pressures of the people to give up whimsicalities and blatant populism.
His is an international career in the loosest sense but it says more about the whimsicalities of the England head coaches since May 2000 than it does about his performances for Villa.
It is all the more ironical that in keeping with their superstardom status, the audience has to put up with whimsicalities of their favourite stars -- at least the media ensures that
The costumes are gorgeous, the singing is fine -every word is crystal clear -and the general air of indulgence towards Gilbert and Sullivan and their whimsicalities is evident throughout the whole evening.