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Synonyms for whimsey

an odd or fanciful or capricious idea

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the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

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Now to innocent eyes this was no doubt a bit of good-natured whimsey, a canny wheeze for keeping the younger fans amused.
For example the Whimsey School is worth around pounds 25.
Whimsey meets comfy on Straight Line Designs' Canned Seat.
said the assault Souk place in the changing rooms after an important league game against Whimsey F.
The second volume starring the barely clad exploits of an aspiring but less than impressive super heroine who calls herself 'Empowered', writer/artist Adam Warren continues to demonstrate a superb sense of wit, whimsey, and humor that ranges from slapstick to gallows.
Shaun Bridgmohan guided the filly to a Illegal 'X-value' for character STYLs voided here -length win over Bit of Whimsey with Sharp Susan third.
Sayers and the Whimsical Vision:' As Her Whimsey Took Her: Critical Essays on the Work of Dorothy L.
Mickey Depre's Garden Whimsey Applique (1574329065, $21.
And grandpa Leslie is a portrait artist and illustrator of the popular children's book Ollie the Whimsey Collie.
A part of the "Signature Artist Series" from the Landauer Corporation, Warren Kimble American Folk Artist showcases the artistic wit and whimsey of one of American's foremost living folk artists and is nicely organized into four section: "Warren Kimble: Introduction" providing a biographical overview of his life and accomplishments with a text enhanced by personal photographs, "Art" covering his projects depicting animals, fruits, florals, landscapes, seascapes, and Red, White & Blue patriotic themes, "Antiques & Collectibles", and "Folk Crafts & Inspirations".
IAN ANDERSON, flute-wielding minstrel with those legends of rock and English pastoral whimsey Jethro Tull, is in Freiburg, Germany, and has been reading emails from America in the aftermath of the London bombings horror' It's all very nice that they're so concerned about you but, because you're English, they assume that you must live in London and that you know the Queen and to say hello to cousin Billy from Idaho when you bump into him because he's over there on a visit.
Later in the scene, Hazard and Friendly attack Bacon's camp in order to liberate their captured women, during which the following stage directions are provided: "Dullman, Timerous, Whimsey, and Whiff, prickt on by their Party to fight, so that they lay about them like Madmen" (5.
There was Lord Peter Whimsey, who was an aristocrat and detective, but Linley is a policeman, a proper DI who doesn't want to rise up the ranks.
Bob Edwards' frontier whimsey was overtaken by Jack Canuck's intelligent, focussed passion for urban reform.
Their new pals include competitive plants Rose and Thistle, Scamper the squirrel, Pry the magpie, Boo the hedgehog, Whimsey the spider and Ketchup the greenhouse tomato.