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a batter who strikes out by swinging at and missing the third strike

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Our unique products include FotoFlex, the world's only digital imprint bands; antimicrobial latex-free bands; EPDM bands; Slip-On Grips; Eraselets; Whiffers Fragrance Bands; Wrapz; Strapz; and ProTape.
Ruth was a comparative piker, and though he fanned 1,330 times in a long career, that may not forever keep him among the top 100 all-time whiffers.
Dozens of other companies are marketing personal space Whiffers and Sniff Boxes or room-enhancing sprays and scented candles.
Shortstop Jose Hernandez and first baseman Richie Sexson were the most prolific whiffers last season but play valuable roles on the team.