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Synonyms for wherewithal

Synonyms for wherewithal

the ability and the means to meet situations effectively

all things, such as money, property, or goods, having economic value

Words related to wherewithal

the necessary means (especially financial means)

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He also had the wherewithal to collect his belongings from the floor.
The only purpose for Technological Wherewithal is to generate Affordable Choices.
An ordinary man must find the courage and the wherewithal to confront extraordinary menaces; through fiction, the author provides a cautionary tale of where human cloning advances and research could lead if scientific experiments are not tempered by moral caution.
Insurers knowingly accept risk with the intent of diversifying the loss, and in order to maintain their ratings, they must demonstrate their financial wherewithal to absorb the potential loss.
It was the contemporaneous development of the arch and discovery of pozzolana mortar, with a new need for large gathering spaces for social institutions, and the availability of wealth from conquests and taxation which provided the wherewithal for buildings that met a compelling 'desire to match the architectural accomplishments of conquered territories in the Hellenistic Greek world'.
Khan--that the North was provided with the equipment and wherewithal to produce the highly enriched uranium needed to develop nuclear weapons.
And with personal relationships with major industry players such as Viacom Chairman Sumner Redstone, Johnson has the political clout and financial wherewithal to pursue the big deal, win or lose.
That's because for the first time in coach Karl Dorrell's three-year career, UCLA has the wherewithal to take advantage of defenses geared to stop the run.
In comments to Chilean newspapers LAN's Cueto questioned whether the newcomer, in the absence of SEPI's financial crutch, had the wherewithal to implement a successful business plan.
Growth, and increasing wealth through these methods, leads to improved environmental quality by raising demands for it and by providing the wherewithal to meet these demands.
As with the cost of warfare, we, the subjects of our pleasant land will be mugged again to provide the wherewithal.
Compensation paid in prior years had been deficient--Haffner's bad the wherewithal to pay compensation in prior years if it had wished to, and it was more than a coincidence that Emile and Louise needed money in the bonus years because of the legal fees caused by the family lawsuit.
Treaty has six principles for double-digit grow(h: Spread the risk (have multiple initiatives going at all times); Take small bites (lots of small growth areas leads to an overall big growth); Balance your strategy (think and, not or); Commit to superior value ("Nothing stops growth Faster than an inferior value proposition"); Expand growth capabilities (make sure there is the organizational wherewithal to grow); Manage for growth (everyone should be focused on it).
So many people who you would think would fly privately because, a) they have the wherewithal and, b) they have serious time constraints, just don't know how to do it besides opening up the Yellow Pages," says Ken Austin, executive vice president of Marquis.
Good ideas can be transforming, but how many executives have the time and the wherewithal to pursue them when they are straining to keep up with everyday demands?