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Synonyms for wherewithal

Synonyms for wherewithal

the ability and the means to meet situations effectively

all things, such as money, property, or goods, having economic value

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the necessary means (especially financial means)

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The Law of Diminishing Returns also plays a role in reducing Societal Variance by lowering the ability for Technological Wherewithal to generate more Affordable Choices (fig.
They owned many of the CanWest papers and although they gave lots of independence they did not have the wherewithal to run them as businesses.
The cumulative point: Famous contemporary artists are unpretentious people of tangible inspiration who just happen to have the wherewithal to make gloriously manifest their slightly off-the-wall ideas.
In fact, these verdicts take away the money, the wherewithal to get more nurses.
the most important thing is to pass the club over to the person who has the wherewithal and clout to support it.
No doubt, some of these Californians applauded the fact that a woman who is skirting that mythic age of fourscore still has the wherewithal to perform, and to do it so well.
The Primal Light the whole irradiates, And is received therein as many ways As there are splendours wherewithal it mates.
I lean toward the third, which puts in question the eventuality that most of the artists with whom we engage had the cultural wherewithal to control heavily esoteric, usually Latin or Greek, texts.
The AICPA believes this approach is the proper one and a wherewithal mechanism must remain in Sec.
Still, the Levin analysis pinpoints a very real, and painful, anomaly in our current health care system: As the need for decent, civilized long-term care grows, the wherewithal to provide it is withering.
All of these people are suffering from their conditions, and unfortunately don't have the financial wherewithal to pay for treatment and care," said Dr.
The companies buying big commercial properties these days have the financial flexibility or wherewithal to buy into a 3 cap and wait it out until they can turn it around and get more," Deutsche said.
Herndon was someone who cared about economic dignity and was in the right place and had the wherewithal to do something about it.
We couldn't fight our battles unless they had the wherewithal to get us into battle.
But what the Giant's Causeway really needs is the leadership, determination and political wherewithal to deliver the project.