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Changes also may happen by accident in what we call a free state and in an oligarchy; wheresoever the senators, judges, and magistrates are chosen according to a certain census; for it often happens that the highest census is fixed at first; so that a few only could have a share in the government, in an oligarchy, or in a free state those of moderate fortunes only; when the city grows rich, through peace or some other happy cause, it becomes so little that every one's fortune is equal to the census, so that the whole community may partake of all the honours of government; and this change sometimes happens by little and little, and insensible approaches, sometimes quicker.
If thou wilt bring those three fellows that thou speakest of, I will promise faithfully to give them free pardon for forty days, to come or to go wheresoever they please, nor will I harm a hair of their heads in all that time.
Wheresoever you would go will I accompany you to safety.
They turned, and stared immensely at him when they showed her with the Blind Girl; for, though she carried cheerfulness and animation with her wheresoever she went, she bore those influences into Caleb Plummer's home, heaped up and running over.
My only object in the outset, was, to carry them with me faithfully wheresoever I went: and that task I have discharged.
So much of my voice has lately been heard in the land, that I might have been contented with troubling you no further from my present standing-point, were it not a duty with which I henceforth charge myself, not only here but on every suitable occasion, whatsoever and wheresoever, to express my high and grateful sense of my second reception in America, and to bear my honest testimony to the national generosity and magnanimity.
So saying, he cast him off again; and calling the long comrade aside after taking a few hasty turns by himself, bade him immediately write and post against the wall, a notice, proscribing one Joseph Willet (commonly known as Joe) of Chigwell; forbidding all 'Prentice Knights to succour, comfort, or hold communion with him; and requiring them, on pain of excommunication, to molest, hurt, wrong, annoy, and pick quarrels with the said Joseph, whensoever and wheresoever they, or any of them, should happen to encounter him.
Wheresoever the strong tide met with an impediment, his gaze paused for an instant.
It stated: "I give, devise and bequeath to my wife Morah Ryan all my property and assets, whatsoever and wheresoever situate both the real and personal for her own use and benefit absolutely provided she survives me by the period of 30 days.
wheresoever the judgment of attainder is void or coram non judice, the party is not driven to his Writ of Error, but may falsify the attainder by plea, showing the special matter which proveth it void, or coram non judice'.
full power to fetch or carry the said John Faustus, body and soul, flesh, blood or goods, into their habitation wheresoever.
5) For wheresoever a human soul turns, it can but cling to what brings sorrow unless it turns to you, cling though it may to beautiful things outside you.
The Immediate Action Committee's demand was simple: "Intern east of the Rocky Mountains all Japanese, men, women and children, wheresoever born, whether Japanese nationals or Canadian naturalized.
Fatah ignores most of these passages, although he does include another passage from "The Amramites": "Degraded they shall live wheresoever they shall be / Unless they make an alliance with God and alliance with men.