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relating to breathing with a whistling sound

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Half-way to the steamer the ancient ceased wheezing and spoke, nodding his head at Michael.
Paddling, wheezing, resting, oblivious of the shadow-world of the white men, knowing only the reality of Tulagi Mountain cutting its crest-line blackly across the dim radiance of the star-sprinkled sky, the reality of the sea and of the canoe he so feebly urged across it, and the reality of his fading strength and of the death into which he would surely end, the ancient black man slowly made his shoreward way.
A dozen different terrors were in it; and the wheezing had stopped, with the old scoundrel's heart.
Then I started coughing and wheezing like the Count himself, for the place was full of smoke.
I scarcely looked up until the good fellow had turned his back upon the final tableau of watchful officer and prostrate prisoner and gone out wheezing into the night.
Sometimes the languid sea rose over him and he dreamed long dreams; but ever through it all, waking and dreaming, he waited for the wheezing breath and the harsh caress of the tongue.
The clock, which had been wheezing for some minutes like an old man preparing to cough, now struck nine.
He sprang to his feet, waving his fists and wheezing like an asthmatic.
A study of infants in Paarl, South Africa, suggests that antenatal exposure to indoor air pollution and tobacco smoke are the predominant risk factors for lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) and wheezing illnesses in infants.
Data for demographics, wheezing, and asthma were obtained from yearly questionnaires up to age six.
More than 2,700 mothers and infants took part in the study which concluded that breastfeeding could play a role in preventing wheezing in the first year of life.
1,2] The prevalence of asthma symptoms in the ISAAC study depended mainly on self-reported wheezing in the past 12 months without test validation by pulmonary function tests (PFT).
Wheezing is one of the rarer reported side effects (http://www.
Background: Wheezing is common in early childhood and remains an important health concern.
Asthma and wheezing begin early in life, and prenatal vitamin D deficiency has been variably associated with these disorders.