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with a wheeze


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Aside from donning his reserve deputy sheriff's hat and wheezily patrolling some small Louisiana town in an attempt to make routine traffic stops and mild littering look like life-threatening drama, the lardy Hollywood hardnut's also emerged as a master of different dialects who can switch effortlessly from one to another in order to ingratiate himself with any section of society.
It is nice that, in the shape of the Chennai Super Kings, persecuted cigarette smokers have a team of their own to wheezily cheer on.
Next to him, meanwhile, chuckling wheezily at every turn, was his ever-faithful Muttley, Alex Hay.
Nobody ever heard of paying spooks until we began the practice," said ancient Abraham, cackling wheezily.
Ask them why they don't stop smoking and they look at you in amazement and reply wheezily through chattering teeth: "What, take away the only pleasure I've got in life?
One gathers that DeSalvo feels her own writing, not to mention her sense of self, gains value from the association, although Proust is surely turning wheezily in his grave at her explanation for the style in which Breathless is written: