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breathing with a husky or whistling sound

breathe with difficulty

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In children it can be a symptom of transient viral-induced wheeze in which the child has wheezing with viral infections, no eczema or allergies and will, generally, grow out of symptoms by the time they go to school.
For adolescents, fruit intake was inversely associated with current wheeze, severe asthma, severe rhinoconjunctivits and severe eczema; milk intake was inversely associated with current wheeze, severe asthma and current and severe rhinoconjuctivitis; and vegetable consumption was inversely associated with current wheeze.
I thought it a frightfully good wheeze, I got a Carley float and filled it with rubbish and set fire to it and launched it, hoping the aeroplane would think that we were burning.
e results found that children with wheezing who were given antibiotics as infants were more than twice as likely as untreated children to experience worsening asthma symptoms, or severe wheeze, or be hospitalised for asthma.
Further research is necessary to improve understanding of the differences between children who wheeze and those who do not, as well as comparing the experiences of children who have been diagnosed with asthma and those who have not.
Birmingham's parks department, fresh from major successes at the Chelsea Flower Show and now the European Entente Florale competition, has hit on a new cost-cutting wheeze.
Many times I have to use a combination of bleat, grunt, roar and wheeze to get a buck to come," said Primos, who often engages in "blind" calling to attract deer that may be nearby even though he cannot see them.
When infants were 18 months old, their mothers were asked if they had been diagnosed with asthma or had symptoms, such as a wheeze.
A validated questionnaire was used to evaluate wheeze.
Children conceived with artificial help are also more likely to wheeze or take anti-asthmatic medicines by the age of five.
These children were at increased risk for wheeze and asthma at preschool age.
The association of prenatal BPA exposure and wheeze has not been evaluated in humans.
I have to slow down because my sides start hurting, and I wheeze when I'm done.
Designed to be three calls in one, the Up ROAR mimics the aggressive grunt, the Estrus bleat and the wheeze.
Higher serum folate levels are associated with a lower risk of atopy and wheeze.