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a shrewd or unscrupulous person who knows how to circumvent difficulties

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When asked what makes Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer a good read, Jackie has this to say.
In Eugene, it moves into a Wheeler Dealer storefront that opened in 2002.
Mike, presenter of Pulling Power, Deals on Wheels, and Wheeler Dealers, said: "We had a tremendous response to last year's live stage and wanted to do something even more spectacular.
Meanwhile, the Congressional Black Caucus became a major wheeler dealer in the House.
The Cash For Gold event will be hosted at the Rose and Crown pub at Cop Hill, Slaithwaite, by TV celebrity wheeler dealer Tim Hogarth (pictured).
He's a wheeler dealer, he's very cocky and self-assured, essentially a good guy but he's always running a scam.
Shane Richie stars as wheeler dealer Archie Daley, the nephew of Arthur, alongside Lex Shrapnel as his bodyguard Jamie Cartwright.
But Lakhani's former accountant told The Daily Telegraph he was known in London as a rag trade wheeler dealer and serial bankrupt.
RICKY Tomlinson is to be come a Del Boy-style wheeler dealer who causes havoc in the TV drama Down To Earth.
Black Godfather Sling That Thing Let Me Put It In Agile Mobile Hostile Bacon Fat Nasty Women Wheeler Dealer Stealer Jailbait
WHEELER dealer Del Boy Trotter is the most popular British television character of all time, according to a survey today.
But such are the dimensions of the row that the Wheeler Dealer Duchess has found it necessary to write to all her paying-through-the-nose clients to assure them that she is still on the job.
The 71-year-old Coronation Street legend retired from the soap last year after playing wheeler dealer Mike Baldwin for three decades.
John, 62 - who played wheeler dealer Frank Laslett in ITV1's soccer series - wooed pint-sized Arlene Garcino 26, over the internet.
SHANE Richie has been tipped to play wheeler dealer Arthur Daley in a new version of Minder.