wheel around

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  • verb

Synonyms for wheel around

wheel somebody or something


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change directions as if revolving on a pivot

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uk, 01824 708281 5 Hope House Santa Fun Run, Alyn Waters Country Park, Wrexham, Sunday, 2pm A ONE-MILE fun run, walk or wheel around the beautiful country park to raise funds for Hope House children's hospices, pounds 12.
The male dancers grip on to moveable boards that they wheel around the female dancers, elaborately and cinematically framing them.
Besides, Maoist Vice Chairmen Mohan Baidhya, Baburam Bhattarai and Naraykaji Shrestha are scheduled to wheel around the ring road in a mini truck.
Police received a report of a 1997 Green Nissan Maxima backed into a fence with the driver slumped over the wheel around 7:30 a.
FOR MANY, Wenday Craig epitomized the classic nanny; and unassuming soul whose love life took a back seat in the interests of the children whom she would wheel around in an ominous black chariot of a pram.
One such is Flock, which uses Arch-OS vision and sound tools to create a flock of birds high in an atrium of a university building which wheel around making cries--all depending on the movement and numbers of people in the atrium.
In Nagano's Matsumoto, an oil tanker driving on an expressway lost its left rear wheel around 8:45 a.
Workers at Northridge Hospital Medical Center wheel around a humor cart filled with stress-relieving videotapes and books for patients.
It is handy to wheel around like a suitcase and easily converts into a backpack, while a light day-pack can be removed from the main compartment.
The newly designed offices include lots of white drawable boards and multiple writing forms, desks that wheel around, and meeting areas where teams can move from space to space.
My brothers, my mother, and I, of course, are spokes on the wheel around the central figure of my dad.
Each of them is as heavy as a small car, and is mounted on a wheel around which runs a rope.
Immediately upon tagging the bag with his right foot, the pitcher should wheel around (toward his glove side) to check the other runners on base.
She told the court: "When he She told the court: "When he turned the wheel around, the turned the wheel around, the side of the car hit her then drove side of the car hit her then drove over her and then away.