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He wheedles a trip to an amusement park with her and her son.
Nadia turns out to be a nasty piece of work who wheedles herself into the heart of Emma's family life.
When Razieh finally wheedles a 500-toman note from her harried mother to spend 100 on a goldfish with long waving fins, "one that's white as a bride," we realize there's a lot at stake -- a testing of the girl's independence and her initiation into maturity.
It wheedles into the memory effortlessly but that's as much down to the novelty vocal sneer and piston-spitting soundtrack as inspiration overload.
Grif wheedles her way into their hearts and the story climaxes in a made-for-the-movies ending.
At the offices of the Herald, tart, epigrammatic editor Cameron Foster (Bill Nighy, who also stole the show as an aging, blinkered rocker in the otherwise facile ``Love Actually'') assigns two reporters to the story - Cal McCaffrey (John Simm), who worked with and befriended Collins in their distant pasts, and Della Smith (Kelly Macdonald), who coquettishly wheedles information out of the police, who struggle to keep their investigation in front of the newspaper's.