wheat scab

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a disease of the heads of wheat plants

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Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative to provide seed money to encourage research on new ways to control wheat scab.
Based on 2001 Northern Uniform Winter Wheat Scab Nursery data, Truman has excellent resistance to Fusarium head blight (scab).
Richland was tested in the 2001 Uniform Northern Winter Wheat Scab Nursery where percent severity and percent incidence were 27.
Wheat scab research at NCAUR and OSU is funded in part by a USDA National Research Initiative Grant.
Caused by Fusarium fungi, wheat scab shrivels kernels of wheat and other cereals.
This mycotoxin is associated with wheat scab, a problem that's cost wheat growers around $3 billion in losses over the last 3 years.