wheat rust

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rust fungus that attacks wheat

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Therefore, USDA is supporting Pakistani institutions to strengthen wheat rust surveillance efforts, improve breeding methods and testing, and increase the availability of new varieties.
The purpose is to reduce the dangers of wheat rust and promote the establishment of an international system that can be used to contain the disease.
org) was formed to support international collaboration on wheat rust research.
The research will be presented at a global wheat rust symposium in Minneapolis.
Wheat rust is a fungal disease that attacks the stems, grains and especially the leaves of grains including wheat, barley and rye.
Diseases, such as wheat rust, have further devastated crops this season.
Founded in 2005, the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) is a research organization dedicated to studying and combating the threat of wheat rust, a parasitic fungus threatening wheat crops in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
Persistent droughts, especially in the eastern region, as well as wheat rust disease and the drying up of underground water have ravaged crops in the last several years.
in Uganda during 1999] transformed stem rust from a disease largely under control into a significant global threat," said David Hodson, the FAO's international focal point officer for wheat rust disease.
To prevent possible migration routes of wheat rust Ug99 into Afghanistan, the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) has introduced three new improved quality wheat seeds to farmers, officials said on Sunday.
The six case studies presented in this text explore the human consequences of plant disease epidemics, including the effects of wheat rust in the ancient Mediterranean Area and the Near East; Europe's 1846 yellow rust epidemic on rye; Europe's potato late blight and its contributions to the revolutions of 1848; crop loss in the Netherlands during WWI, 1914- 1918--productivity of major food crops in a long-term perspective; crop loss in Germany during WWI, 1914-1918--productivity of major food crops and the outcome of the war; and underrating and overestimating the effect of plant diseases on the course of history.
Margaret Newton, whose discoveries on the nature of wheat rust fungus ended the serious threat of this disease to Canadian farmers and the Canadian economy, " said Mr.
2014c) used hyperspectral data to assess the different symptoms of wheat rust for wheat disease recognition using VIs (Ashourloo et al.
Talking to farmers during a ceremony at Kot Addu (Muzaffargarh), Mehr Abid said that there was need to evolve best strategy to keep crop safe and secure from wheat rust.