wheat field

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a field planted with wheat


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PRT spokesman Javed Shamsi informed the explosives were buried in a wheat field on the outskirt area of the provincial capital Mehtarlam.
We're the beloved of the wheat field On harvest day my roe and I
Both stages of fieldwork involved surveying a large open wheat field, located adjacent to the ravine where the main battle took place.
We've got wheat fields three times as big back home," boasted the Texan.
He said that 8 jute bags or 16 PP bags would be entitlement of growers against one acre of wheat field.
Last week, Israeli forces destroyed a Palestinian wheat field at the site, which they claimed was 'state land'.
Evidence of farming on the site dates back to the 15th century when the estate was known as 'Qwateplatfelde' and then as Whateplates, referring to a small wheat field.
According to an assessment, weeds also consume fertilizers, and they use 52 kilogram of Nitrogen, 12 kg of Phosphorous, and 52 kg of potassium from a hectare of wheat field.
Sow far, so good Between 250 and 400 wheat seeds are planted in one metre square of wheat field in October.
That's a 15% drop over the past 20 years ALMOST 1 2m people work on British farms Hedgerows are homes to 10 different kinds of animal species There can be up to 40 WORMS in a square metre of wheat field There are around 27,000 metres of roots under one square metre of wheat Wildlife such as otters, buzzards and barn owls is thriving because of the way farmers now look after the countryside AROUND 20,000 grains are produced from a square metre of wheat It takes 1,250 hours of sunshine to grow a field of wheat
SOW FAR, SO GOOD SOW FAR, SO GOOD Between 250 and 400 wheat seeds are planted in one metre square of wheat field in October.
MARDyN (CyHAN)- Pulling off electricity wires, storm and strong wind caused fire at a wheat field in Turkey's southeastern province of Mardin.
The Croydon-born beauty strolls topless in skimpy black undies through a Moroccan wheat field at dusk for a racy new TV ad.
One ad depicts a rainy cityscape and the other a vast wheat field.
He meets an Aussie farmer, who shows off his big wheat field.