wheat beer

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a general name for beers made from wheat by top fermentation

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I spoke to Roger after the workshop in more detail about wheat beer and he told me there are major differences between wheat beers depending on the brewing traditions of the country or region they are brewed in.
2014, entered by Pyramid Breweries, Fruit Wheat Beer category, GABF Gold
This is an American wheat beer brewed with real watermelon, for a flavor that's crisp and dry.
Furthermore it was shown that non-alcoholic wheat beer containing polyphenols has a positive, health promoting effect on the human body: inflammation parameters in the blood were significantly reduced, and there was a lower frequency of infection with milder symptoms.
Furthermore it was shown that non-alcoholic wheat beer containing polyphenols caused lower frequency of respiratory infection with milder symptoms.
He discusses the science behind the beer, and styles of wheat beer in Belgium, Southern Germany, and America, with recipes and information on specific beers and breweries.
I really cannot wait to have a pint of both of them as well as the wheat beer they're developing at the minute.
ON A VISIT to Stone Lounge & Bar at Moet's in Defence Colony last week, I was introduced to Schneider Weisse, the newest entrant in the city's wheat beer market.
4 per cent Belgian-style American wheat beer with steamed orange pudding was voted equal top, the marmalade topping merging with the orange and coriander-spiked beer.
Erhdinger is my very favorite wheat beer and it's non-filtered--very hearty and filling," he adds.
It is a natural wheat beer which gives a fresh clean taste.
Actually, its pizzas go well with a refreshing mug of unfiltered Widmer Hefewizen wheat beer on draft ($3.
O'Hara's Celtic Stout, winner of the Championship Trophy and Gold Medal Draught Winner at the Millennium Brewing Industry Awards; Curim Gold Celtic Wheat Beer, recognised by world-renowned beer critic Michael Jackson as one of the world's 10 best wheat beers; and Moslings Tradition Red Ale.
Coconut Lime Tarts, Wheat Beer Sorbet and a Banan Milkshake
You can't go wrong with Uinta's Hefe Weizen, a full-bodied, somewhat sweet unfiltered wheat beer that has a rich, amazingly creamy head.