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Synonyms for wheal

a ridge or bump raised on the flesh, as by a lash or blow

Synonyms for wheal

a raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip)

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Wheal made a massive impact on his debut for Hampshire earlier this summer, taking five wickets including England T20 skipper Eoin Morgan.
At low tide the beach stretches nearly one and a half miles to include Chapel Porth beach and the cliffs below the iconic Wheal Coates engine house.
In fact, notes David Wheal, managing director of North America for RFIB, a leading Lloyd's broker: "While Lloyd's can and does handle the more specialist risks, there is a strong appetite for mainstream business, albeit with an E&S flavor--that is where wind, quake, flood, hail, etc.
Caption: Carlos Jose Medeiros, Business Manager; Liezaan Wheal, Relationship Analyst and Sophia Snyman, Head of Tourism.
The wheal diameter (local edema in the point of injection) of intradermal skin test was measured after 30 min from the start.
s Remedy is a new line of doctor's inspired cosmetics enriched with naturally occurring anti-fungal ingredients such as tea tree Oil, garlic bulb extract, vitamins C and E and wheal proton.
A large hive-like wheal at the injection site signals that the patient's immune system has created antibodies to the allergen.
PAF causes aggregation of human platelets, wheal and flare response with late phase erythema.
The following adverse events were observed: short-time erythema and wheal at the site of previous subcutaneous mistletoe application (n = 9), generalised exanthema (n = 4; same patient, starting 2 days after application and lasting during the following 3 applications, then spontaneously disappearing in spite of continued intravenous mistletoe application), feeling febrile without risen temperature (n = 9), increase of temperature and headache (<38.
An ingredients company specialising in naturally wheal and gluten free products has relaunched its popular dough ball and pizza base home-baking kits with new look packaging as part of a major campaign to gain a larger slice of the gluten free market.
Soy: The Complete Vegetable Proteln * Solae[TM] Milk Egg Beef Pea Kidney Pinto lsolated (Casein) White Flour Beans Beani Soy Protein Vegetable 100 69 68 63 Proteln Arilmal 100 100 92 Proteln Peanut Whole Wheal Meal Wheat Gluten Vegetable 52 40 25 Proteln Arilmal Proteln * Proteln Chgeihbily Conccted Aciso Acid Siire IOOCAASI, A siite er 100 macts 100% of the ntlerense zmino acid mqelecmrtel.
The meeting was also informed that different development projects being completed through donations of philanthropists which include renovation of central ICU, construction of HUB for the parking of wheal chairs and stretchers near a A&E Department, construction of roads and pathways from A&E Department to Orthopaedic workshop and renovation / up-gradation of OPD Department and laboratory.
Skin tests were read 15 minutes later and considered positive if the wheal was 3 mm larger than saline control pricks.
If there is no growth of this wheal after 10 minutes, then the next stronger dilution (#5) is injected.