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Synonyms for wheal

a ridge or bump raised on the flesh, as by a lash or blow

Synonyms for wheal

a raised mark on the skin (as produced by the blow of a whip)

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Keaton Jennings was lbw to Gareth Berg in the second over, and Scott Borthwick edged Wheal behind, before Mark Stoneman skipped down the wicket and pinged to Jimmy Adams at mid-wicket.
Hauntingly, 20 men and boys died under Wheal Owles in 1893.
Inclusion criteria includes patient having almost daily appearance of wheals for [greater than or equal to] 6 months, patient willing to take part in study and signed written informed consent, patient willing to come for weekly followup for 10 weeks, Age between 18 years to 60 years and free from any infective or immunosuppressive condition.
Wheal highlighted the 'dangers of fatigue' among from 'six-on, six off' working hours typical for person crew vessels in European shortsea trade, which limit the amount of sleep of seafarers", noted Mejia, a maritime law and policy expert, and a former
The wheal diameter (local edema in the point of injection) of intradermal skin test was measured after 30 min from the start.
s Remedy is a new line of doctor's inspired cosmetics enriched with naturally occurring anti-fungal ingredients such as tea tree Oil, garlic bulb extract, vitamins C and E and wheal proton.
An ingredients company specialising in naturally wheal and gluten free products has relaunched its popular dough ball and pizza base home-baking kits with new look packaging as part of a major campaign to gain a larger slice of the gluten free market.
Skin tests were read 15 minutes later and considered positive if the wheal was 3 mm larger than saline control pricks.
For diagnosing egg and milk allergies, larger wheal sizes with SPT are more predictive of a positive OFC (SOR: C, extrapolated from cohort studies evaluating mixed populations of infants, children, and teenagers).
Giving details of the incident, airport officials said that the plane was preparing to land but its nose wheal didn't open and due to speed the plane twice got air-borne and then skidded off the runway, smashing into the green area.
However, there may be a hidden cost beyond traffic safety in chattering on that cell phone while behind the wheal.
The participants who were moderately stressed showed a 75 per cent increase in wheal size, but those who were highly stressed saw their wheal size double and last into the next day.
Gregory Wheal, described as the UK's most prolific hoarder of eggs, was ordered to serve six months in jail after pleading guilty to three offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.
The cutter wheal is also installed with a water spray system, supplied by two 100 gal.