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Synonyms for wharfage

a fee charged for the use of a wharf or quay


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a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles

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As XPRESS visited the dhow wharfage in Dubai Creek, we came upon a bunch of seamen rushing to get their packs.
The wharfage, which will cost nearly Dhs200 million, will stretch 3km between Deira Corniche and Palm Deira and will have the capacity for the berthing of up to 400 dhows, doubling the size of the existing facilities at Dubai Creek.
81 Thirty leading Chinese organizations and businesses issued a manifesto through the Chinese Chamber of Commerce opposing the press and wharfage dues bylaws.
For a copy of the supplement see Gibbs, Shallard and Co, 'Proposed Wharfage Improvements ] 883', XVI/1883/1, Mitchell Library.
Now in its second phase, Wharfage has expanded to consider the towns in the northwest of India where most of the dhows are made, and various ports of southern Iran that represent the other main trade routes from Sharjah.
Besides, considering proposals for repeal of the Sindh Landing and Wharfage Fees Act, 1882, Public Gambling Act, 1867, Sindh Steam-Vessels Act, 1864.
54) This interpretation was also meant to distinguish a prohibited tax from the acceptable practice of assessing fees to ships based on their use of specific services, such as wharfage, (55) towage, (56) or pilotage (57) fees.
The Rochdale and Ashton canal companies operated from two adjoining basins at Piccadilly, while the owners of the Brownsfield estate developed extensive private wharfage facilities on contiguous land to the east.
The Wharfage, alongside the river Severn, will be closed to traffic for the day.
Exemption from export taxes, wharfage dues, impost and fees
Exercising MOTCO versus a commercial seaport saved the customer more than $200,000 in berthing, wharfage, and security costs and more than $50,000 in battalion travel costs.
On Saturday, The Wharfage in Ironbridge will be closed to traffic so a street market can be held selling local foods and crafts.
These duties are in addition to GST, excise duty, dealer commission, company margin, ocean and evaporation losses, wharfage, insurance, banking costs and product handling charges that are inbuilt in the retail sale price.
Where cargo would end up resulted in bids that were based on the highest handling and wharfage rates available,' says a port official.
Marconi pointed out that the State Port derives its revenues mainly from three sources--docking fees, wharfage fees, assessed for the loading and unloading of ships, and rent charged for the storage of cargo on site.